“genshin impact anime adaptation” voice actors

“genshin impact anime adaptation” voice actors

“genshin impact anime adaptation” voice actors.

HoYoverse has officially announced a new anime series about Genshin Impact in partnership with the world-renown Japanese animation studio, Ufotable. This is massive news; after two years of success through its flagship action RPG, Genshin Impact will soon come to fans and conquer the anime market.

On 15th September 2022, HoYoverse Tweeted the announcement on its Genshin Impact account and posted a short preview of the anime series. The reveal comes after

Genshin Impact’s 3.1 Special Program Livestream was broadcasted only a short while ago, featuring all the latest things coming to the game, expanding on Sumeru’s release

Genshin Impact Anime Is A Dream Come True For Travelers

hoyoverse genshin impact anime series ufotable
HoYoverse has announced a Genshin Impact anime series in partnership with Ufotable.

Although the official teaser video doesn’t technically uncover much of what fans can expect, it presumably showcases the series diving into the Traveler’s initial steps upon landing in Teyvat. 

The slow but rapidly-pacing steps leading into Mondstadt, becoming an Honorary Knight of Favonius, and discovering the secrets lying within Dragonspine, will all presumably be points of interest across the anime series. 

Noting the world-recognized and marvelous animation studio Ufotable will be crafting the anime series reassures fans that the Genshin Impact anime series will be nothing short of amazing. 

If there’s one thing anime fanatics know about Ufotable, their production and fight scenes across anime never fail to blow viewers’ minds. The world’s seen their impeccable craftsmanship across the critically-acclaimed series, Demon Slayer, and the Fate series.

genshin impact anime series traveler mondstadt
The Genshin Impact anime series will presumably focus on the Traveler’s initial journey into Mondstadt and expand from there.

It’s uncertain whether or not the anime series will feel like something new or recycled from Genshin Impact. However, the game by itself holds beautiful visuals and immersive storylines that rival some anime titles, despite not being a proper animation, so Ufotable has its hands full. 


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