[Original Download] Stable GCAM 9.1 APK supports Android 11+ and Pixel 8 Pro features
[Original Download] Stable GCAM 9.1 APK supports Android 11+ and Pixel 8 Pro features

[Original Download] GCAM 9.1 from Pixel 8 Pro with Ultra HDR+ features

[Original Download] GCAM 9.1 from Pixel 8 Pro with Ultra HDR+ features

[Original Download] Stable GCAM 9.1 APK supports Android 11+ and Pixel 8 Pro features
[Original Download] Stable GCAM 9.1 APK supports Android 11+ and Pixel 8 Pro features

At the #MadeByGoogle ’23: Keynote Event earlier this month, Google unveiled the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. Numerous software enhancements and new features are included with the new Pixel 8 series. The new Google Camera 9.1, with its Ultra HDR-taking features, is the most anticipated. Get the most recent GCAM 9.1 APK for all Android smartphones here. It has a redesigned UI, updated controls, and a new Ultra HDR Plus. It is based on the Pixel 8 Pro.

the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro smartphones’ earlier Google Camera 9.0 from the Android 14 software version. Along with new capabilities, GCAM 9.0 was also released for the earlier Pixel smartphones.

Among these is the most prominent update to the user interface (UI) for changing the camera modes. The new camera app streamlines the process of taking photos and videos by including a toggle to move between picture and video modes.

With regard to the most recent Google Camera 9.1, video fans will like the updated settings for “Brightness,” “Shadow,” “White Balance,” and “Exposure.” On the other hand, the improved “Speed” changes allow for smooth transitions between slow-motion and time-lapse videos.

The brand-new “Night Sight” function is now subtly located in a special area at the bottom and is easily accessible with the newly added button in the lower right corner.

This area, which is only available on the Pixel 8 Pro, also has sophisticated “Pro” settings like ISO and shutter speed, providing photographers with a full toolset.

The floating window concept of the old Quick Settings has been replaced with a streamlined bottom-sheet menu.

GCAM Ultra HDR Feature

The first Android phones to take Ultra HDR photographs are the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. This cutting-edge new feature, which is only available on Pixed smartphones, has the potential to completely transform mobile photography.

Google also released a description of the Ultra HDR picture format, which is a novel variation on the JPEG standard.

Ultra HDR+ enhances the visual appeal of your images by emphasising rich colours, clearer highlights, and deeper shadows.

Google Camera 9 Features

The Google Camera 9.1 update makes the camera app more user-friendly and accessible by rearranging the camera modes and doing away with the “More” option.

rearranged modes for photos and videos

The picture and video modes in Google Camera v9.0 are now conveniently arranged into tabs for quick access. A summary of the rearranged tabs is provided below:

Photo mode tabs:

  1. Action Pan
  2. Long Exposure
  3. Portrait
  4. Photo (main)
  5. Night Sight
  6. Panorama
  7. Photo Sphere

Video mode tabs:

  1. Pan
  2. Video (main)
  3. Slow motion
  4. Time Lapse

This new organization makes it easier for users to quickly switch between different photography modes, ensuring they capture the perfect shot every time.

Video Stabilization Modes in Quick Settings

Google Camera v9.0 adds video stabilization modes to the Quick Settings panel.

Quick Settings Panel Enhancement

The Quick Settings panel now opens by simply swiping up, enhancing the overall usability of the camera app. Additionally, the shortcut button has been moved to the bottom left corner for more convenient access.

Zoom Slider for Pixel 6

The new update adds the much-needed zoom slider, previously exclusive to the Pixel 7, to the Pixel 6. This feature allows for effortless zooming while shooting, giving users greater control over their compositions.

Front Camera and Gallery Buttons Swap

The buttons to switch to the front camera and open the gallery have been swapped, making it convenient for users to access these functions.

Updated Themed Icon

Google Camera v9.0 features a new icon! The updated themed icon adds a fresh look to the app.

Android 14 Support

However, Google Camera 9.0 has a minimum SDK version 34 (corresponding to Android 14). This implies it is only compatible with the newest Android operating system. For Android 13 support, stay tuned for GCAM 9.0.

GCAM 9.1 APK Download (Google Camera 9.1 MOD)

Support for Android 13+ and all the favourite preferences, such as developer options, a tonne of new MODS, and compatibility with more Android phones, are added by Shamim’s SGCAM!

Keep in mind that this is the first GCAM build based on the Pixel 8 Pro’s v9.1 version. Thus, video surface and HDR processing may not be available right now. Keep checking back for updated builds.

Get the most recent Google Camera 9.1 MOD APK here. Run Android 14, 13, 12, or even older versions on prior generation Pixel 7 series, Pixel 6 series, Pixel 5, 5 XL, Pixel 4, 4 XL, 4a, Pixel 3, 3 XL, 3a, and more devices.

Additionally, GCAM 9 has been tested on OEM handsets from Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Nokia, and other manufacturers.

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