(Original) Kumkum Bhagya written episode update today 9th November 2023
(Original) Kumkum Bhagya written episode update today 9th November 2023

(Original) Kumkum Bhagya written episode update today 9th November 2023

Vishaka informs Manager that they would like to meet RV at the beginning of the episode. Poorvi asks if they could meet to discuss the catering business. RV Sir, the manager says, is not here. He is asked to call him by Vishaka. The office is being cleared of them. When RV arrives, he hears a slogan disparaging him. Manager says some ladies had come and doesn’t tell more. RV claims he will gain notoriety. Vishaka and Poorvi are strolling along the street. Vishaka says what kind of people they are, and tells that they have taken their food bag also. She sees a lady and tells that she had come here for business meeting. Poorvi gives the boy a quick glance. RV is talking on phone and asks the driver to increase the AC. Poorvi sees RV’s speedy car about to hit the boy, and saves the boy at the right time. Poorvi hears Vishaka shout. The driver stops the car as the people stops her. Vishaka tells Driver that he has tried to kill her daughter, and asks him to give 1 lakh Rs. Poorvi says we don’t want any money. Vishaka tells her that this car is of RV corporation. Driver goes to RV and tells him something.

Poorvi cleans the mud from RV’s car window. Mitwa song plays…..He opens the window. Vishaka calls Poorvi. Poorvi’s dupatta falls over him, as she turns. Vishaka wonders why did she clean his vehicle. The mom praises Poorvi for rescuing her kid and adds I will never forget your kindness. Poorvi replies no issue, just take care of him. RV hears her. The driver drives off. Vishaka informs Poorvi that RV is not a decent man and predicts nothing good would happen to him. She said he didn’t come when I phoned him and blasted him likewise. They come home. Manpreet and prachi inform them that they received call from RV’s manager, and they got the order back. Ashok said they reported that an elderly woman screamed at them. Prachi adds Manager has sampled the meal left by you. Manpreet compliments Poorvi to having all Prachi’s traits. Poorvi walks to the inhouse temple and praises God and then requests God to bless RV management likewise.

A saint/fakhir baba appears to RV’s automobile. RV offers him cash. It is the fakhir baba’s blessing. He claims he doesn’t think any of this is real and leaves. You will believe one day, says Fakhir baba. When Prachi is holding the plates, she is wounded. When Poorvi arrives, she is taken to provide first aid. Prachi remembers how Ranbir had worried for her in a same manner before administering her ointment and warning that it might burn, but that it was still important. Poorvi agrees and applies a bandage on her finger. She gives her cheeks a kiss and adds, “I’ll get everything loaded.” Prachi stops Poorvi, remembering how Ranbir had done the same. She becomes upset and believes that Ranbir is with his daughter, who is identical to him, and not with her. Gives her an embrace. After that, she promises to load the items. Poorvi believes she’s figured out that RV enjoys a good fight.

Manpreet is forced to wear the mangalsutra by Ashok. Prachi turns to face them and leaves. Manpreet perceives the loneliness and feelings of Prachi. Prachi leaves to complete the task. She remembers her times spent with Ranbir as she muses about him. Ishq tera plays rula ke gaya.Why did Ashok act in such a way in front of Prachi, Manpreet queries. He queries what? Says Manpreet, “You forced me to wear a mangalsutra?” She claims that since Ranbir departed, Prachi is alone. Ashok is also in pain.

Pulling her mangalsutra out of the box, Prachi says she wishes Ranbir was with her. She sees Ranbir go in and picking up the mangalsutra. He forces her to wear it while making her sit. Praci sobs. He signals her not to weep and plants a kiss on her forehead. A song starts.He grabs her hands and wipes her tears. Prachi shuts her eyes and grinned.

After meeting the customer, RV declares that RV Corp is the greatest. During the video call, a man can be seen chuckling while seated. RV asserts, “I take my work seriously,” but it seems that Mr. Kakkar does not, as seen by his absence. One can see Mr. Kakkar’s face. Call him Ranbir. RV is informed by Robert that Krishna Kakkar is offended by his insult. Saying it’s OK, Krishna asks RV what he was saying about him.

Prachi replies, “I know it’s impossible for you to exist, but I wish it could and that you could be here.” Krishna removes his eyewear. Jai Ram Ram. Shri Ram performs.

Precap: Krishna informs him that he can’t spend time and effort on tiny fish like himself since they are vital to him. Pihu makes fun of Poorvi’s fiance. Poorvi looks at the vehicle’s RV.


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