Realme narzo 50i Ringtones – How to Change Ringtone on Oppo Realme Narzo 50i

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Realme narzo 50i Ringtones – How to Change Ringtone on Oppo Realme Narzo 50i.

The smartphone Oppo Realme Narzo 50i has a basic melody, which plays during the incoming call. It annoys many people that is why they want to change the ringtone on Oppo Realme Narzo 50i. There are several ways to perform the operation.

Realme narzo 50i Ringtones

Realme narzo 50i Ringtones

How to Change Ringtone on Oppo Realme Narzo 50i

The settings section of any smartphone based on Android, including Oppo Realme Narzo 50i, allows changing different parameters. In particular, it is allowed to change melody, which sounds when a call comes in:

  1. Open the settings of your device.

Tap on the «Ringtone».

  1. Select the desired melody from the provided list.

Note that names of some menu items might be different depending on the firmware version. However, this will not affect on the process of changing the ringtone because the settings section has a clear interface, and if you wish, you can use a search bar.

With a help of the player

If you want to set not a standard melody, but a downloaded song as the ringtone, then the optimal way to perform this operation will be to use the built-in Oppo Realme Narzo 50i player. Of course, you can do the same through the settings, but in this case searching of the needed song will be difficult. To change the ringtone follow the instruction:

  1. Open the standard app «Music»
  1. Find desired song and open it.
  2. Press the button, which looks like three dots

Select the option «Set ringtone».

Third party players also allows setting up the ringtone, as you want. However, then you have to make sure, that you have given necessary permissions to the app before. For example, without access to contacts or files third party player will block an opportunity of setting the desired ringtone.

Changing of the contact ringtone

This way is suitable for those who wants to separate ringtones depending on who makes a call. The standard app «Dialer» allows selecting a melody or song for specific subscriber. To perform this operation you need to:

  1. Open an app «Dialer».
  2. Go to the contact list.

Open the card of the subscriber whose number is written in your phone book.

  1. In the «Phone ringtone» tab, select the desired song.

In the case of changing the ringtone for the specific person, it is necessary to provide clarification. The option of changing the ringtone is allowed only for those subscribers, who are in the contact list. So, you cannot set up a melody to an unfamiliar number. You have to add it to the contact list beforehand.

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