Anupama 2nd January 2024 Written Episode Update: Pakhi returns, Anupama gets appreciated

Anupama 2nd January 2024 Written Episode Update: Pakhi returns, Anupama gets appreciated

Anupama 2nd January 2024 Written Episode Update: Pakhi returns, Anupama gets appreciated

Anupama’s Written Episode, Published on January 2, 2024

The tea is amrit, Yashpal’s mother informs him, adding that if you sell it, customers would form a wait outside. She claims she was so angry when she arrived, but after sipping tea provided by her, her attitude transformed. She informs her that she will call her Ann and that her name will be Annapurna. Anupama is moved by her remarks. Anupama is asked to take some money that Yashpal’s mother has taken out. Anupama declines. Anupama is asked to take it by his mother. We’re running a little late, Yashpal says, asking his Bebe to come. Let’s go, she says. He requests that Anupama tidy the area and shut the door properly from inside. Anupama feels that her gift is being used; she has dared to cook and now cooks, so maybe this America is the right place for her. Later, she gives gratitude to God for sparing her from Yashpal’s wrath; otherwise, she might have been arrested or forced to travel. She then asks God to grant Toshu-Kinjal a wish, stating that while they live in the same nation, they are unsure whether they would want to meet. She then offers prayers for Choti and Pakhi. She bids her father good night and goes to sleep. She wonders what my relationship with her is and gets glimpses of Aadhya.

“Where is Dadu?” asks Ansh when he visits Baa. He went to Jamnagar, according to Baa, to get married. If they didn’t call you, Ansh inquires. Baa says they called, but I have important work to do and don’t have time to go early. She is teased by Ansh. Tea is brought by Dimpy. She is informed by Baa that she is driving Ansh to Jamnagar. But he has homework and needs to study, Dimpy says. Vanraj claims he will have deeper roots. But, Dimpy says. Ansh, he says, will go. Pakhi and her daughter arrive there. Ansh grabs her plaything. Ishani bursts into tears. My daughter is crying, baby, says Pakhi. Dimpy handles Ishani and asks her not to cry. Pakhi says history repeats itself, even Mummy used to handle Meenu this way. Vanraj asks why you didn’t tell me that you are coming. Baa says you are not in foreign. Pakhi says she is handling her online store. Dimpy asks if you had talked to Adhik. Pakhi says he calls to talk to Ishani, but I don’t let him talk. She says she don’t want to see him after the divorce. She says when I don’t meet my Mummy then who is Adhik? She asks Dimpy to make cold coffee for her, and bring to her room, and take care of Ishani. Dimpy takes Ishani and Ansh to feed them laddoos. Baa asks Vanraj, if we shall tell her that her mother went to America. Vanraj says why you are taking her name and says she has gone from our minds, heart and everywhere, and asks why you are taking her name.

Aadhya comes to Shruti’s room and asks if I can use your laptop. Shruti says sure. Aadhya examines the picture of Anupama on her laptop. Shruti comes there and claims she is Joshi ben, she works at Spice and Chutney’s restaurant. She claims she is a fantastic woman and has her own culinary channel, and says AK created meals for her, it is her recipe. Anuj hears her and says it appears you are her admirer. Shruti says if you meet her, then even you will become her fan. Shruti begs him to view her picture. Aadhya replies no, I have to make my school project. Shruti and Anuj walk out of the room. Aadhya remembers the childhood episode, and deletes Anupama’s images from the laptop.

Baa informs Pakhi that Dimpy is performing home tasks and also managing your kid, and asks if you can’t manage your daughter. Pakhi says I am working. Baa says even Dimpy has so much work to do. Pakhi says home work is not work, this is job which I am performing, owing to which there is a lot of strain on the brain. Kavya comes there and says yeah really. She meets Baa. Baa queries Mahi. Mahi is OK, although quite weak, according to Kavya. Growing children are feeble, explains Pakhi. I’m aware of the differences, Kavya says. Pakhi reveals who keeps her kid at the hostel and expresses gratitude for how well she handled business and her daughter. Kavya claims that your father is making up for the fact that your company has lost money from the beginning. She argues that you cannot go even after seven births since Dimpy has become the second Anupama in this place. Vanraj will get enraged, according to Baa, if he finds out. When Dimpy arrives, he questions Kavya about Mahi. Kavya claims to have improved. What are you going to eat or drink, Dimpy asks? Not just now, Kavya says. Pakhi is asked to take her coffee by Dimpy. Pakhi states, “I want black coffee, not sleep.” Dimpy apologises and leaves. Kavya leaves to shower. You couldn’t manage your bahus, according to Pakhi. Pakhi is informed by Baa that she causes her Papa problems.

Anupama is informed by Vikram that this tea doesn’t need publicity. According to Anupama, I’ve kept it here to cheer up Sir. “Don’t burden the tea,” advises Vikram. Anupama enjoyed my drink and offered me $1 because she thought the boss’ murder was a wonderful idea. According to Vikram, Sir may have joked and became angry. He goes on to say that he has been experiencing heartbreak ever since someone crushed his heart. Vikram offers advice on how to mend a wounded heart. According to Anupama, it hurts a lot and we can’t recall our previous lives. Joshi ben, Shruti says as she approaches. She inquires as to whether masalas are still ground. Yes, Anupama responds. Shruti mentions that her fiancé enjoyed the tea a lot, asks whether she is Joshi Ben, and then displays her channel. I got it after seeing your bracelet, adds Shruti. She promises to get Yashpal ji to include her Gujrati acquaintance in the menu. Yes, says Vikram. Anupama dusts her with masala chai. Naturally, Shruti says, I need. Anupama inquires as to when you plan to wed him. Very soon, Shruti adds, we move in and she remains with her kid. Morher is a mother, not a good, bad, actual, or stepmother, according to Shruti. She offers prayers for their happiness and togetherness. Shruti adds, “We have a connection, and we’ll capture this moment,” and she asks if you’ll become friends. She asks for her number as they snap a picture together. Anupama hands her Vikram’s phone number. When Shruti receives Anuj’s call, she tells her to depart immediately but would arrange for her to meet her fiancé shortly.

Precap: Vikram informs Yashpal that they would want extra assistance since they will be serving a larger number of diners. Yashpal requests that Anupama and Vikram prepare meals quickly. Unexpectedly, Anupama cooks dinner quickly for Yashpal. Calling Anupama, Shruti requests permission to prepare Indian cuisine for her daughter Aadhya’s birthday celebration at her home.

Update: MA is credited.

About the Author: Nazmul Hossain

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