Anupama 1st November 2023 Written Update

Anupama 30th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Anuj-Anupama Get Romantic

Anupama 30th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Anuj-Anupama Get Romantic

When Anupama takes Dimpy outdoors, she asks Malti Devi to see her and remarks on how beautiful she looks. Malti Devi claims that she looks fantastic. When Anuj arrives, he removes her ugly sight and requests that Anupama contribute money to the underprivileged. He adds he’s always heard that pregnant women look amazing, and we witnessed that today as well. Weak coughs. Adhik rushes over to get her some water. Dimpy takes a sip. Adhik inquires about her health and reminds her to check her handbag for a water bottle, snack bars and candy. He travels to deliver the Swiss chocolates he claims to have. Anuj responds, “I’ll bring something too,” and leaves. Malti Devi said that everyone looks out for pregnant women, even strangers on the bus who offer the pregnant woman their seat. When Anuj arrives, he offers her the imli goli that Babu ji gave her and adds, “I brought methi ki laddoo.” When Adhik arrives, he presents her some Swiss chocolate. How is she going to store everything in her luggage, Anupama wonders. Adhik promises to hold onto it. Pakhi observes everything and believes she is no longer valuable in the home.

On call with regards to the UK embassy visit is Toshu. Toshu doesn’t seem to care that Pari is sobbing, according to Vanraj. Toshu continues to not hear Vanraj when he asks him to deposit the check if he is heading to the bank. When Babu ji sees this, he yells, Toshu. He wants him to see his daughter sobbing and Vanraj making an effort to communicate. Toshu claims he was working for the UK embassy. He is asked to hear Vanraj at least by Babu ji. After calming the infant, he calls Vanraj over and says, “We’re going to the bank to deposit your cheque.”

Adhik enters the space. What occurred, everything okay, he queries. Pakhi wants him to give Dimpy more attention and water since she claims you have taken care of her throughout her pregnancy. Adhik claims to be expecting. Pakhi claims I’m unloved and that it appears like I only want a kid. She also claims that we didn’t seek a second opinion from a different doctor despite the fact that there were plenty of possibilities, and that everyone ignores me and calls me “Dimpy Dimpy.” You are going nuts, Adhik says. I couldn’t become pregnant and become a mother, according to Pakhi. Adhik begs her to stop playing the victim card so often, telling her that it’s not acceptable to be envious, furious, and self-pitying all at once. Pakhi claims I’m worthless. Adhik says it’s not the correct moment to speak to you and that you are not a 70s heroine. He leaves. Malti Devi gives Pakhi a glance as she sobs. She approaches Anupama and requests that she go to bed. She is asked to go to bed by Anupama, who remarks that even she was exhausted after running all day following Choti. Anupama says, “We both wait for each other,” as she sits next to Malti Devi. Malti Devi asserts that no spouse is like Anuj and that all women wait for their husbands. Anupama claims that Anuj has made her life less lonely. Malti Devi claims she has acquired wealth, notoriety, and reputation but has neglected to cultivate relationships and has learned to dance but not to live. Anupama claims that after 26 years of waiting for love, she felt as if the 26 years had never ended when she met Anuj. The same thing will happen to you, she promises, adding that you will grow into a decent Maa and Dadi, stop being a severe saas, and behave well around me. Malti Devi believes that bahu determines this. Kavya is restless and believes that Vanraj is sleeping after taking some medication. She considers her options.

When Anuj gets home, he says, “My love.”He gets a sign from Anupama that Malti Devi is here. Malti Devi becomes distressed and believes that Anupama will always be significant in his life. He performs poetry and gives Anupama a hug. Kavya drinks the water, but as the glass drops from her grasp, she also trips and falls. Kavya is approached by Baa, who advises her to take a deep breath. Kavya expresses her fear that anything may happen to her child. Baa explains that the 7th month has begun, which is why she is having trouble breathing. She also predicts that you will have back discomfort. She says, “I’ll make you go to sleep,” and urges her to lay down on her lap. Kavya collapses onto her lap. Baa claims that she has encountered numerous challenges in life and has greater life experience than she has. She attempts to put Kavya to sleep.

Anupama serves Anuj cuisine. After marriage, Anuj claims he is unable to obtain six packs of abs. Anupama asks if he wants to kill her, saying he’s already heated. She invites him to eat. He claims he hasn’t been able to work out in the last two years but that he will now. What would she want to have for tomorrow, he asks? Pancake, Anupama recalls, had prepared it for Romil and Choti. When Anuj notices Romil, she inquires as to his whereabouts. Romil claims he went to pick up his pals. He is asked to consume kheer by Anupama. After tasting the kheer, Romil requests Anupama to serve him kheer in the morning and puts the book back on the table.

Adhik attempts to speak with Pakhi, telling her that if she is unable to become a mother, then he would also be unable to do so. Anuj is informed by Anupama that they would perform Kavya’s godh bharayi. Anuj claims it was completed earlier. It was an English baby shower, according to Anupama, and it’s now a traditional godh bharayi method. You may repeat it twice more, according to Anuj. Annupama grinned. Anuj begs Anupama to come to his room while forcing her to sit on his lap. Anupama promises to finish up and go to her room. Anuj invites her to visit shortly. Romil’s book is visible to Anupama on the table. Adhik requests that Pakhi comprehend that Dimpy, whose brother, lost her marriage in less than a year. According to Pakhi, she is playing the victim. Adhik claims that you follow suit. Pakhi predicts that Dimpy will slash everyone’s nose at some point, adding, “I’ll tell you when it happens, see.” Anupama enters Romil’s house after knocking on his door to give him his book. She is taken aback.

Precap: Dimpy arrives at the Tapish dancing event and informs him that she is leaving since her dance was dull and ruined her mood. What is it, Malti Devi asks Anuj-Anupama? Anupama explains that they are arranging everything since tomorrow is Kavya’s godh bharayi.

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