Anupama 8th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Malti Devi plans against Anupama

Tapish says, “Pardon me.” Anupama tells Dimpy that he saved her from falling down. Dimpy queries if I requested that he save him. Tapish says I had forgotten that someone’s ego can be hurt if I help without asking. He asks Anupama to teach him dancing until Dimpy teaches the students. Anupama says Romil told me about your videos and says their dance academy will benefit. She then thanks him for saving Dimpy and tells that she has another life in her, her son’s last memory and Dimpy’s only purpose to live. Teacher asks Malti Devi to inform Anupama about the sports day, and asks if they have seen it. Malti Devi recalls seeing it and says she has seen. The teacher says she will call her. Malti Devi says no need, I will remind them. She then tells that Choti’s dadi will come and not her mother. She plans to come there with Anuj.

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Baa takes off bad sight from Dimpy and says that’s why I say. Anupama says Dimpy will only teach dance. She asks baa what to do to celebrate the festival. She convinces Baa to celebrate Diwali. Baa said we shall celebrate Diwali also. Anupama says don’t know when Toshu and Kinjal will return, and tells that they shall celebrate grandly so that they have only good memories. Baa asks Anupama to be careful of Malti Devi, she will do something.

Malti Devi comes home and sees Pakhi with the parcels. She asks if Adhik’s salary is spent. Pakhi says she has shopped it using Anuj’s credit card which he had given her. She goes. Malti Devi gets upset. Kavya feels shoulder pain. Anupama massages her shoulder.

After sometime, Kavya asks her to stop. Anupama says you are working even now. Kavya says she is working sitting at home, and takes up all the opportunities and manages somehow. She says house can’t be run with babu ji’s pension and Dimpy’s classes. She says she knows that Anuj and you will support us, but she hesitates to take their help as she is independent always. Anupama offers their aid if she needs it. Kavya grinned. She receives a call and goes. Anupama feels Kavya will be happy and wonders how she would be happy despite the troubles. Kavya comes back and begs Anupama to take the rest and says you have done so much, so go and take the break for awhile, it is nice. Anupama thinks you are correct. Kavya asks her to go to Mussorie after Diwali. Anupama checks the resorts online and calls Abhira Sharma. Abhira asks why you are calling me again and again. Anupama says she called her for booking. Abhira apologizes to her for saying that. Anupama asks her to be quiet and says whatever happens is for good. She says I understood that you are worried, and asks her to stop her if she crosses the line. Abhira asks her to say and says she reminded her of her mother, the way she scolded her. Anupama tells her that there is Devi in every woman, and asks her to fight. Thanking her, Abhi says, “I’ll reserve the room. I’ll see you soon.” Anupama tells me to leave.

Malti Devi is asked not to look at the price tag by Barkha, who threatens to give her a heart attack. She claims Pakhi received a lifetime victim card and a guarantee. She claims that Anupama was unable to help her daughter comprehend. She claims that Pakhi is impolite and frugal with her money. She says that Dimpy now resides here and that this house is similar to a refugee camp. She says exactly as Kinjal and Toshu depart to US. She informs that they all will be coming and you will be in garage. Malti devi claims this will not happen. Barkha warns you would be expelled from here, if you go against anupama. Malti Devi adds this is my son’s residence and Anupama doesn’t know what her saas can do.

Anupama comes home and phones Choti. Malti devi says Choti went to her friend’s place for night stay. Anupama is horrified and assures that she will contact her. Malti Devi thinks she must have slept by now. Anupama advises her to consult her or Anuj before taking any choice concerning her. Malti Devi says she doesn’t believe she needs their approval. Anupama urges her not to do this again.

She goes to room and thinks Malti Devi knows that I would not inform Anuj and that’s why she is doing this. She thinks if Malti Devi forgets her restrictions then she will forget her constraints. Malti Devi intends to notify Anuj about the sports day event at the last minute, but she won’t notify Anupama. Anupama has scheduled Choti’s pickup from her friend’s home, getting her ready for school and delivering her off, followed by a day spent with her once she gets back. Malti Devi promises to hang out with Choti for the day.

Recap: Anupama promises to go get Choti for Anuj. Malti Devi had already gone there, according to Barkha. Later, Anupama learns that Malti Devi is travelling to Choti’s school event and that she is falling on the road en route. Malti Devi is going to compete with Choti.

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