Anupama Written Episode Update today 13 14 15 16 November

Anupama Written Episode Update today 13 14 15 16 November

Anupama Written Episode Update today 13 14 15 16 November. Anupama Written Episode Update 13 14 November 15 November 16 November 17 November 18 November 19 November 20 November

Anupama claims to be their daughter and that they would have accepted her assistance when she informs Babu ji and Baa that she is angry with them over one particular issue. She claims that although she is not as excellent a chef as baa, she has learned from 25 years of being teased, so you might have used my assistance. “Until when will we put burden on you?” asks Babu Ji. Baa claims that because of us, your house was about to collapse. Anupama says let’s go to work; the client might drop by to inquire about an order. You must have a tonne of work at home, Baa says. Anuj adds, “I’ve made it for them and all the neighbours, so they don’t have to make it, but they are already making,” and Anupama replies, “I’ve done all the work already.” She holds out a box full of candies. Babu ji asks, how are you? Is this you, Pari, Baa asks? No, Pari’s Dadi, Anupama says.

She starts cooking the munchies after asking Baa to take a seat. Kavya shows up. She’s made to sit by Anupama. Kavya packages the boxes and candies as well. The refreshments and desserts will soon be ready. Anupama and Kavya lose their impaired sight because to Baa. Anupama grins while taking a picture of Babu ji and Baa.

Tapish notices Dimpy holding Dhanteras’ lamp. He thinks back to what Anupama said and attempts to lighten her mood with his jokes. According to Dimpy, he can speak normally. He explains that they used to have a lamp in the chawl and compares it to a family member. He flips the lights on.

Malti Devi approaches Anuj and Choti, giving the latter a call. Anuj reports that Choti has on headphones. Anuj is informed by Malti Devi that Choti’s instructor feels she lacks proficiency in environmental studies, a new topic. “Anupama didn’t tell me,” claims Anuj. We’ll engage the tutor since Anupama is already quite busy with her career and the Shah family, she explains. Who employs tutors for kids this age, asks Anuj? After making an effort to persuade him, Malti Devi informs him that she must go see her shishya. She leaves.

Babu ji and Baa offer to give each other hand massages. Kavya begs them to go relax and claims Anupama will bring all the items. They retire to their bedroom to relax. She would send money to Babu Ji’s accounts for online payments when Kavya requests her to put money into her account. Okay, says Anupama. Thanks, Kavya. She is asked not to thank Anupama. Kavya expresses her gratitude and assures her that everything would be well as long as she is with them.

Anupama arrives to the Anupama Dance Academy after delivering orders to clients. She perceives Tapish and Dimpy. Tapish remarks on how stunning she looks. Anupama claims she is here for work and would be fulfilling Baa’s request. How come you are departing, Dimpy asks? Anupama says, Kavya, you are not allowed to go, which is why I am going. Dimpy apologises for not being able to assist. She will be helped if Anupama asks her to take care of herself. To get aid, she urges her to go home. Dimpy nods and leaves. Tapish asks whether I should get you some water. No, says Anupama. You are Mrs. Kapadia, he adds, adding that if it doesn’t appear unusual, go ahead and deliver. According to Anupama, she is doing this for her baa and babu ji, and kapadia is chasing her name. She states that labour is work, that it is determined by fate, and that it should be honoured. Tapish claims that you are a self-help book and that you will gain a lot of followers if I record and post your video on social media. Anupama claims she is unwilling. Romil, she claims, assured her he is an extremely diligent man. Tapish claims to have been a diligent worker and to be middle class. He offers to take her on a scooter to deliver the orders and makes a recommendation to him, telling her not to drive in the lanes. Let’s go, Anupama says, asking Dimpy to get in the car and drive home.

Vanraj receives Kavya. Vanraj claims that he had the idea to give the youngsters anything he had. What you give out out of love is enough, according to Kavya. Vanraj claims that he used to tell others that he had a great family and that they were jealous of me. He claims there were ups and downs back then as well, but everything was resolved. He claims that Toshu has completely destroyed this house since Samar departed. He says he was unable to provide financial support for Baa and Babu ji. He admits to Kavya that he was unable to help her and get over her suffering. It’s okay, Kavya says. Vanraj wants her to give him a reprimand or criticism so he can get over this issue. Kavya argues that everything would be well if we accept the situation. She is asked not to leave Vanraj. Kavya promises to remain at his side always.

Anupama arrives at a woman’s home and introduces herself as having come from Hasmukh and Leela’s place to deliver the order. The woman informs Malti Devi over the phone that your bahu has arrived. When Malti Devi emerges, she is startled. You are, the woman continues, Mrs. Kapadia. As per Malti Devi, Anupama has a tendency of helping the underprivileged and doing social work. The woman says they are preparing namkeen and sweets. Anupama is assisting them, according to Malti Devi. Anupama claims, “I’m not doing charity; this is my housework.” She claims that Hasmukh bhai and Leela behen are her Baa and Babu ji, and that I am assisting them. If these are your parents, the woman asks. Anupama claims they were my in-laws, but since I separated from their son, I have a closer relationship with them. She claims that while doing social work would have made her feel proud, she is more pleased of herself for being able to assist them. labour is labour, she adds, adding that some people are embarrassed by menial tasks but fail to see that labour is a question of dignity in and of itself. She claims to be her parents’ daughter and the bahu of Kapadias, and she is glad that her Baa and Babu ji are employed at this age. She collects the money and delivers the order. After giving her one rupee in change, she requests that she inform others if she like it.

Choti is going to fall on Diya, as a recap. As Dimpy collapses, Anupama grabs her. Choti is held by Malti Devi, who chastises Anupama for worrying about Dimpy instead of Choti. Choti is invited by Anupama to see her. Malti Devi is where Choti hides. Anupama and Anuj are taken aback.

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