Dario Antonio Úsuga David Net Worth, Income, Age, Biography, Height, Wife and Career

Dario Antonio Úsuga David Net Worth, Income, Age, Biography, Height, Wife and Career

Dario Antonio Úsuga David Net Worth, Income, Age, Biography, Height, Wife and Career


It is Dairo Antonio Usuga Otoniel that is his true name. According to reports, he was born in Antioquia, Necoclí, Colombia on September 15, 1971. However, Otoniel was born under Misael Pastrana Borrero’s administration. In addition, he took up the moniker “Otoniel” after rising to prominence within the Gulf tribe. But since he was a little boy, his family has been deeply involved in the criminal underground, and not much is known about his upbringing. Both of his parents, Juan de Dios Usuga and Nini Johanna Usuga, had criminal histories in the past. He does not, however, have a page on Wikipedia, despite his purported criminal history. Be aware of Dairo Antonio Usuga’s net worth as well.

The examination of Otoniel’s past academic and personal is still ongoing. At an early age, he also joined the People’s Liberation Army, a sizable communist guerilla organisation. But according to reports, this group was outlawed in 1991.

Career Life

Otoniel was a well-known gang member when he began his profession. Following his time in the Popular Liberation Army, Dairo Antonio went on to become a member of the infamous drug-trafficking organisation United Self-Defense of Colombia. In 2005, he started working for another drug lord named Daniel Rendon Herrera. However, with regards to Herrera, he lost Urabenos, who was a cartel boss. After Otoniel joined Los Urabenos, he and his brother took over as leaders of the drug gang.

Giovanni, Otoniel’s brother, was shot and killed during a police raid. Eventually on, though, Otoniel fully assumed command of Los Urabenos, a drug trafficking organisation. The Gulf-based group goes by the name Los Urabenos.

Dairo Antonio Usuga Net Worth

Otoniel’s exact net worth is still almost unknown to us. However, according to numerous sources, his estimated net worth is estimated to be around $1.2 billion. Otoniel was also a leader of the drug trafficking group “Los Urabenos” or “Gulf Clan”. He then shipped dozens of cocaine shipments to the United States. However, the US government has offered a reward of nearly $5 million for much more help in finding Otoniel.

How did Otoniel Earn Money?

When it comes to Dairo Antonio Usuga David’s net worth, he is not the only one with a huge amount of money. But it is estimated that the world’s 40 richest people own about 39 percent of their wealth. Although this is a remarkable special number, it is still disappointing that so few people have so much money. But many individuals have gained their riches in diverse ways, some ethical, others not. But the only source of Otoniel’s billion dollar income was drug trafficking.

Individual Life
Otoniel is one of the most dangerous criminals in Colombia, yet his personal information is still kept a secret from us. For this reason, the details of her children and marital status are still being investigated.

At the Time of His Arrest?

Approximately 1,200 Colombian anti-drug police officers were involved in the hunt for Otoniel, according to a 2015 BBC investigation. Furthermore, the Colombian government made a roughly three billion peso offer in exchange for information about Otoniel. It’s also said that the US provided around $5 million to aid in Otoniel’s recovery.

Early in October 2021, Colombian intelligence agents located and detained Dairo Antonio Usuga, also known as Otoniel, close to the Panamanian border. Along with twenty-one drones and ten unmanned surveillance drones, hundreds of troops participated in the operation. Still, rumours persist that this operation resulted in the death of one police officer.

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