Download BGMI 2.8.0 APK + OBB with Zombie’s Edge Mode [Battlegrounds Mobile India 2.8]

Download BGMI 2.8.0 APK + OBB with Zombie’s Edge Mode [Battlegrounds Mobile India 2.8]

With version 2.8.0, Battlegrounds Mobile India has at last caught up to the PUBG Mobile worldwide upgrade. One of India’s most popular games, BGMI, has returned despite a one-year ban. Battlegrounds Mobile India 2.8.0, the most recent update, is compatible with the PUBG Mobile version.

The patch notes for BGMI 2.8.0, which was released earlier this month, focus on Zombie’s Edge, a place where fearsome elite monsters hide in the ruined lab and swarms of zombies wander battlegrounds. Win them over to get power-ups that will let you get new abilities and weaponry to rule the battlefields.

Let me introduce you to Nusa, a tropical terrain that makes you reevaluate your calls and rushes. Packed with of equipment, it includes ziplines, blazing cottages, lifts and tactical crossbows, all of which combine to create pure chaos.

But there’s still more!

There are plenty of amazing benefits available for you to collect with the Beach and Pool party-themed Royale Pass A2. Get the upgradeable Marine Evolution – UMP45 (Lv. 1), the customisable Serene Rapture Set (Lv. 1), the blissful beachfront finish, and much more to start your RP journey. Reach the appropriate levels and finish RP assignments to get these prizes. Experience the power of RPA right now rather than settling for default.

The Crossbo now has a new tactical tool in Classic Updates: a crossbow filled with gunpowder that detonates slowly when it hits an object. You may now use the Honey Badger and ACE32 weapons in arena mode, while AUG and FAMAS have had their attributes changed.

According to the patch notes, BGMI 2.8 is a significant update that includes new game modes, features, upgrades for weapons, improvements to the quality of life, and bug fixes.

Battlegrounds Mobile India 2.8.0 Patch Notes

Sure, here are the patch notes for Battlegrounds Mobile India 2.8.0:

New Mode: Zombie’s Edge

  • Aerolith Lab and surrounding areas are infected with zombies.
  • Players can equip Mutation Gauntlets to mutate their arms into large gauntlets that can deliver devastating damage.
  • Mutation Gauntlets can be found in various locations within the infected areas.
  • Players can also perform a Great Smash, which allows them to charge up and leap into the air, choosing a landing point to swiftly descend and deal substantial area damage.

Gameplay Enhancements

  • Improvements to the Battlegrounds Royale experience.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.


  • Collaboration with KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken).
  • New WOW mode modifications and additions.
  • Firearms updates include the Crossbow, ACE32, and Honey Badger.
  • Popularity Battle Competition.
  • New C5S13 Season.

Known Issues

  • Top Highlights will be temporarily unavailable due to feature adjustments.
  • Off-Road Racing has been extended to October 8.

Additional Notes

  • The update is approximately 1.8 GB in size.
  • Players will need to have sufficient storage space on their devices to download and install the update.

BGMI 2.8.0 APK Download (No VPN Link)

Here, download BGMI 2.8.0 APK and OBB files. This is the full installation zip file. Extract the zip to get the APK and OBB files. Install APK and then move the OBB file to Android > OBB > com.pubg.imobile folder. Installation instructions below.

How to Install APK + OBB?

  • First, install the BGMI APK.
  • Launch BGMI.
  • It should start downloading OBB files automatically.
  • It should create a proper OBB folder.
  • If not, download the OBB file, and rename .xapk to .zip.
  • Extract to get folder with APK and OBB files named
  • Paste the OBB file under Android > OBB > com.pubg.imobile folder. Then launch the BGMI app again.

Download BGMI APK from App Stores

sYou can also download BGMI game safely from the Play Store and Apple App Store.


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