GP internet offer code 2024 | গ্রামীণফোনের নতুন অফার
GP internet offer code 2024 | গ্রামীণফোনের নতুন অফার

GP internet offer code 2024 | গ্রামীণফোনের নতুন অফার

GP internet offer code 2024 | গ্রামীণফোনের নতুন অফার 2024 GP Internet offer 2024, GP offers 2024, GP MB Offer 2024.

Welcome to the updated version of the GP Internet Offer 2024 for everyone. I’ll demonstrate to you today how to purchase GP internet bargains from this website. On this page, Grameenphone is offering a tonne of fantastic online deals.

A few days ago, GP made updates to its internet service. Here, we offer GP every new internet deal. which you may use for less money by enabling the necessary internet offer.

All of them by Grameenphone Internet Offer 2024 (New Update Pack) are listed below. The list also contains the regular and affordable internet offerings from Grameenphone. The necessary internet offer is available for purchase from the GP update list.

GP Internet Offer 2024 (Activation Code ):

All prepaid and postpaid users may take advantage of the GP Internet deal. Use this link to take advantage of the GP Internet Offer 2024 if you are a GP subscriber. Look through the list below and choose a deal.

All of GP’s online deals are included here, with each offer being published in its own category. There, we also posted online offerings for the next few days, weeks, and months.

Additionally, you may find the IMO pack and social media here. Look through the list below and choose a deal.

Grameenphone Daily Internet offer 2024:

Greetings, friends I’ve put together a list of Grameenphone’s daily online deals for you today. The top online deals are included in this list, which you can get at a discount.

You may buy the following online deals if you’re looking for reliable and high-quality offerings. These are all of GP’s data deals over the last three days.

Data VolumeData PriceActivation CodeValidity
100 MBTk. 14Scratch Card3 Days
200 MBTk. 9*121*3500#3 Days
450 MBTk. 19Scratch Card3 Days
650 MBTk. 68*121*3339#3 Days
2 GBTk. 69*121*3282#3 Days
4 GBTk. 88*121*3299#3 Days
7 GBTk. 118*121*3346#3 Days
18 GBTk. 146*121*3415#3 Days
25 GBTk. 196*121*3368#3 Days
3 GB (Daily 1GB)Tk. 73*121*3307#3 Days
6 GB (Daily 2GB)Tk. 89*121*3331#3 Days
9 GB (Daily 3GB)Tk. 99*121*3423#3 Days

Grameenphone Weekly Internet offer 2024:

I’ve brought GP’s weekly online freebie to you today. I hope these online deals are to your liking. These are the lowest priced and greatest online deals. All of these online deals are available to all Grameenphone customers. The following is a list of online deals:

Data VolumeData PriceActivation CodeValidity
100 MBTk. 28*121*3361#7 Days
200 MBTk. 26*121*3407#7 Days
450 MBTk. 51*121*3409#7 Days
512 MBTk. 68*121*3413#7 Days
650 MBTk. 158*121*3341#7 Days
750 MBTk. 97*121*3356#7 Days
1 GBTk. 98*121*3401#7 Days
2 GBTk. 114*121*3344#7 Days
3 GBTk. 129*121*3329#7 Days
4 GBTk. 159*121*3445#7 Days
7 GBTk. 198*121*3286#7 Days
18 GBTk. 248*121*3345#7 Days
25 GBTk. 297*121*3416#7 Days
7 GB (Daily 1GB)Tk. 148*121*3308#7 Days
14 GB (Daily 2GB)Tk. 179*121*3332#7 Days
21 GB (Daily 3GB)Tk. 199*121*3372#7 Days

Grameenphone Helf a Monthly Internet offer 2024

In Bangladesh, one of the most well-known providers of network services is Grameenphone. The internet offerings of all internet service providers have been modified by the Bangladesh Telecommunication System (BTRC). One noteworthy aspect of them is that they have just been offering internet services for a month and a half. In 15 days, they provided all kinds of internet services, both expensive and inexpensive. All clients of Grameenphone may choose from small to large internet bundles. By USSD code, any GP client may buy this deal. A comprehensive list of Grameenphone internet deals may be found below.

Data VolumeData PriceActivation CodeValidity
100 MBTk. 64*121*3406#15 Days
200 MBTk. 55*121*3362#15 Days
450 MBTk. 75*121*3363#15 Days
512 MBTk. 94*121*3367#15 Days
650 MBTk. 258*121*3346#15 Days
750 MBTk. 149*121*3357#15 Days
1 GBTk. 137*121*3369#15 Days
2 GBTk. 195*121*3371#15 Days
3 GBTk. 208*121*3375#15 Days
4 GBTk. 249*121*3429#15 Days
7 GBTk. 349*121*3384#15 Days
18 GBTk. 398*121*3386#15 Days
25 GBTk. 447*121*3338#15Days
1800min 30GB 500SMSTk. 1412*8*5060#15 Days

Grameenphone Monthly Internet offer 2024:

I’m delighted to inform you that I’ve created a fresh list of GP’s monthly internet offers for you today. You may buy any internet plan from this page if you need a monthly internet service.

These internet offerings will be available for a 30-day period at reasonable pricing to all GP subscribers. A list of online deals may be found below.

Data VolumeData PriceActivation CodeValidity
100 MBTk. 89*121*3415#30 Days
200 MBTk. 88*121*3408#30 Days
450 MBTk. 108*121*3412#30 Days
512 MBTk. 120*121*3397#30 Days
650 MBTk. 358*121*3343#30 Days
1 GBTk. 149*121*3418#30 Days
2 GBTk. 298*121*3458#30 Days
3 GBTk. 319*121*3426#30 Days
7 GBTk. 448*121*3334#30 Days
18 GBTk. 599*121*3439#30 Days
25 GBTk. 698*121*3248#30 Days
30 GB (Daily 1GB)Tk. 499*121*3090#30 Days
60 GB (Daily 2GB)Tk. 598*121*3099#30 Days
90 GB (Daily 3GB)Tk. 749*121*3320#30 Days
1800min 30GB 500SMSTk. 1498*121*1498#30 Days

GP Social Package – 2024

The most influential network service provider in Bangladesh, Grameenphone, is offering social packages at the lowest cost to all of its clients. Internet options for IMO, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and TikTok are included in this social bundle.

By dialling the USSD number below, GP clients who would want to take advantage of this offer may buy one or more bundles. Additionally, you may choose a deal and make a purchase from the list of offers we have provided below.

Data VolumeData PriceActivation CodeValidity
512 MB Social PackTk. 17*121*7065#3 Days
750 MB Social PackTk. 31*121*7066#7 Days
500 MB Social PackTk. 56*121*3324#15 Days
1.5 GB Social PackTk. 97*121*7067#30 Days
1.3 GB Social PackTk. 16*121*3460#3 Days
1.3 GB Social PackTk. 25*121*3471#7 Days
1.3 GB Social PackTk. 51*121*3472#30 Days

GP Tiktok Offer 2024:

For all of its consumers, Grameenphone has developed yet another fantastic online deal. This internet bundle is called GP Tiktok Internet Offer. This is the Social Tiktok internet service from Grameenphone. Visit Grameenphone to take advantage of their Social Tiktok promotion.

For users of Tiktok, this is a very good internet deal. This online deal is available at a discounted price. Below is a list of the details we know about this deal. All of the packs of Tiktoks are available for purchase and usage.

Data VolumeData PriceActivation CodeValidity
500 MB (Tiktok)Tk. 23*121*3270#3 days
1GB (Tiktok)Tk. 55*121*3271#7 days
1GB (Tiktok)Tk. 101*121*3272#30 days

Grameenphone Microsoft Internet Packages 2024:

Good news for all of the consumers of Grameenphone! All Microsoft Communication Internet offerings will be available for purchase at discounted rates to all Grameenphone customers. The Microsoft Communications Internet offer is now available to all clients. This internet plan is available to customers for use with Microsoft, Zoom, and Skype for all forms of communication.

Grameenphone has introduced a number of Microsoft communication internet deals, including different kinds. Any of their Microsoft communication websites that you would want to buy may be enjoyed by you. A list of Microsoft Communications Internet offerings may be found below. Every client will be able to acquire the Internet offer from Microsoft Communications. GP internet deal 2024 and all details are available here

Data VolumeData PriceActivation CodeValidity
2GB (Microsoft)Tk. 83*121*3463#7 days
4GB (Microsoft)Tk. 261*121*3403#30 days
10GB (Microsoft)Tk. 435*121*3404#30 days
20GB (Microsoft)Tk. 567*121*3405#30 days
30GB (Microsoft)Tk. 723*121*3273#30 days
40GB (Microsoft)Tk. 819*121*3274#30 days

People look for their necessities on the Grameenphone internet every day. On this page, we have included all of the GP internet deals for them. You may choose from a number of deals here if you need a GP internet service. Accepting offers from this website is secure.

Recall that you must provide a recharge code or USSD code in order to get offers from Grameenphone. The GP internet offer 2024 (Regular Pack) is listed above. There is a set quantity of GP Internet. There’s also an activation code provided.

GP 85 MB Offer:

GP is providing 85 MB of internet for a limited time. You may just purchase the MB deal from this page if you’d like. It will cost you 28 Taka to get an internet offer of 85MB. The data is valid for seven days. To make the offer active, enter 1213004#.

1GP 115 MB Tk.58 Offer :

58 Taka for 30 days, GP 115 MB of internet access. The GP internet offer 2024 surpasses it. To take advantage of this deal, you must call a USSD code. Dial 1213005# to get this deal. The MB lasts for thirty days.

GP 200 MB 4 Tk Offer 2024:

This bundle is only available to those who download the applications. In order to get the 200 MB Offer, you must first click on the MyGP Apps Hotdiles. The 200 MB offer is then visible to you here. You must have 5 TK left on your cell balance in order to purchase the deal. Upon selecting this package, you will get 200 megabytes of internet. It lasts for three days.

GP MB Offer 2024:

Data VolumePriceActivation CodeValidity
Whatapp pack 26MB2.61*121*3063#3
Viber pack 26 MB2.61*121*3070#3
Emergency data loan (12MB)5*121*3021#3

GP 350 MB Offer :

For only 33 Taka, you may obtain GP’s 350 MB internet plan. This MB deal is valid for three days. The 350MB data bundle is, however, a typical deal. Take advantage of the online deal if you choose to. Enter 1213083# to take advantage of the deal.

GP 555MB Internet Pack :

149 Taka is the price of the GP 555MB internet pack, did you know that? because this deal is only available to you for a 28-day period. We refer to it as the monthly MB bundle. You may get this deal by dialling 1213007#. Savour the internet you have acquired. It is good for 28 days.

GrameenPhone 1538 Offer :

Greetings, friends We appreciate you seeing and reading this offer. You are all Internet users. I’ll be discussing GP internet options today. For only 239 Tk, you can get a GP 1538 MB internet deal from this link. You may now get a 15-day internet bundle with 1538 MB. Use * 121 * 3027 # to take advantage of this deal. Validity for 30 days. Every MB deal available here may be found on their own website.

GP 1GB Offer 2024:

GP will be sharing a fascinating 1GB internet deal today. GP has made available a 1GB internet package for each subscriber at a discounted price. This is where you can get GP1GB internet deals. You have the option to accept the offer at this point. Here is a list of GP 1GB internet deals that we have created. The information is provided below:

Data VolumePriceActivation Code
GP 1GB 5Tk offer*500*45#7 days
GP 1GB 9Tk offer*121*5233#28 days
GP 1GB 12Tk offer*121*5174#03 days
GP 18Tk 1GB offer*121*3234#8 hours
GP 1GB internet 21Tk*121*5097#7 days
1GB 31 BDT*121*5087#5 days
1GB offer 50 BDT*121*3390#30 days

GP 1GB 9Tk Offer 2024 :

If one GB of internet is offered for 9 Taka, GP has the most alluring deal. All of GP’s clients are huge fans of this deal. It can also be the cheapest deal you can find on the Internet.

You must call a USSD code in order to activate the 1GB bundle for a period of 28 days. You may make a purchase via this link. Enter 121 5233# or 50202017# to begin the promotion. 28 days on the internet. This promotion is valid for four times.

GP 1GB 17TK Offer :

I’m going to tell you about this fantastic Internet deal today: the GP 1GB 12 Taka offer. GP special customers are the only ones eligible for this internet package. You may get one if you attempt to accept this offer. This is GP’s low-cost internet bundle. This online deal is valid for five uses per unique client. To take advantage of this deal, enter * 121 * 5174. The Internet bundle has three days left on it.

GP 1GB 89TK Pack: over 89 Taka, you may purchase 1 GB of internet use over a span of seven days. Purchase this deal to get 1024 MB of internet space. It will only cost you 89 Taka to take advantage of this fantastic internet service. Any consumer may buy this promotion. You may get the deal by dialling 1213056#. The ten days are up for the internet.

GP is offering its users 1GB of data as part of the 1GB 17TK promotion. For only 17 Taka, thousands of individuals are looking for 1GB of data. This internet bundle is great. You can get 1GB of internet here for only 17 Taka, good for seven days. To accept this offer, enter 50202017#. The validity of the internet is seven days. You may utilise this offer at any time.

Regular Pack: 1GB 189TK

For only 189 Taka, you may get a 30-day internet deal with 1GB capacity. You’ll get access to the internet for 30 days. This offer pushes the USSD Code for actives. For only 189 Taka, you need a 1GB data bundle. Kindly hit the provided key, 1213390#. You are welcome to accept this offer.

GP Internet Packages 2024:

I’ll be making recommendations for you today. To get the most out of your purchase, purchase the GP Internet Packages. Here’s where the cheap internet comes in. However, some internet bundles come at a hefty cost. Thus, there is a little bit more internet here.

Buy GP 2GB 57 TK:

Grameenphone will only charge 57 (BDT) for a 2GB internet plan starting in 2024. You will get 2048 MB if you purchased this internet plan. This is a standard online promotion available to all GP clients.

This internet bundle will be available for purchase and usage by all clients. It only cost 57 Taka for the 2GB data bundle. Dial 1213242# or recharge with 57 Taka to begin this promotion. 3-day (72-hour) data validity

Latest 3GB offer:

The price of GP 3 GB internet is about 108 Taka. GP will employ its 3GB internet service for all of its per-paid clients. For only 108 Taka, you may get a 3-GB data bundle with a 7-day validity period. Compared to other Internet bundles, this one is more powerful. To take advantage of this deal, recharge 108 Taka or call 1213344#. This bundle has a seven-day validity.

How to Purchase 8GB for 148TK: The Grameenphone 8GB internet deal is now live. It has been made available and has a cost disclosed. You may get an 8GB internet bundle (2GB 4G SIM) for 148 Taka from this location.

When you buy this bundle, 8,144 MB of internet will be yours. A lot of people look for this online deal. Dial 1213262# to get this deal. The Internet goes down in seven days. applicable to all users of Grameenphone.

GP 10GB Offer 2024:

I’m going to provide you some important internet deals today. You may find great value and importance in this offer. Here, GP has made available a 10 GB data bundle for only 198 Taka.

This deal will expire in seven days. If you’d like, you may accept the offer via activation code. Also, the price of this 10 GB box is 198 Taka. Enter 1213133# to make this offer active. Then just purchase this set.

GP 15GB 498 Taka:

Good news for GP customers! For each customer only 498 Taka, GP has come with a 15GB internet offer. This Internet offer is expiring for 30 days.

You can buy this offer by dialing USSD Code. GP is applicable to all prepaid and postpaid customers. To start this offer, dial *123*3459#. Internet pack expires 30 days.

  • To active this offer, Press *123*3459#
  • The Internet period is 30 days.
  • The offer applies to all GP customers.
  • The offer will continue until further notice.
  • Auto-renewal does not apply.

Today GP 15GB 649 Tk:

Recently 15GB of internet has been provided for all GP customers. Users can buy this package for 30 days. This is GP’s new data pack. The GP 15 GB internet price is only 649 Taka.

Now GP 30GB 998TK Offer:

GP has released the largest 30GB Internet offer on the official website. You can get the 30 GB pack for 998 Taka. There is more internet than other data packs.

You are also getting validity of 30 days. I suggest those who need more internet monthly can buy this offer. You can activate this pack with the code. To get the offer, dial *121*3394#.

GP 50GB Offer:

Hi friends, What about you? Hope you are well. Grameenphone brings wonderful internet offers! They have released a 50 GB internet offer on their official website.

Which you can pick up from here. This Internet package is applicable for 4G customers. If you are GP 4G Internet user you can purchase. To get this offer Press *121*3436#. The internet expires 03 days. To verify if your SIM is 4G, dial *121*3232#. Applicable to all GP customers.


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