How to Fix “facebook lite unsupported version”

How to Fix “facebook lite unsupported version”

How to Fix “facebook lite unsupported version”

Are you getting an “Update Your App” error on Facebook Lite?

Here’s the error, “You’re the use of an unsupported model of Facebook Lite“.

Followed by, “Update to the today’s version”.

The distinction between Facebook and Facebook Lite is the storage area needed.

Facebook Lite requires lesser storage space, RAM, and CPU power.

However, you would possibly run into some troubles whilst the use of the app.

In this guide, you’ll analyze how to restore “You’re Using an Unsupported Version of Facebook Lite. Update to the state-of-the-art version”.

Why does Facebook say “You’re using an unsupported version of Facebook Lite

Facebook says “You’re using an unsupported version of Facebook Lite” because you’re using an old version of the app.

The error message can also happen because of a bug or a glitch.

As of August, many users are experiencing the “Unsupported version” error.

Apparently, the Facebook Lite app has an outage and a lot of people are unable to use it.

Many users are complaining about the issue on other social media platforms like YouTube.

“Apparently, this is a new issue…I’m narrowing the possible solutions for this problem”.

“I thought I was the only one lol!”.

“We don’t deserve this. Why Facebook, why?”.

How to fix “You’re using an unsupported version of Facebook Lite”

You need to download an older version of Facebook Lite:

  1. Delete Facebook Lite from your device.
  2. Download an older version of Facebook Lite on
  3. You can also find older versions of the app here:
  4. Open Facebook Lite and log in to your account.

Apparently, upgrading Facebook Lite to the latest version does not fix the “Unsupported version” error even though it’s supposed to.

However, installing an older version of the app fixes the error.

“I installed the new version but it’s still the same. I had to install the older 291 version and somehow it works!”.

Many users are facing the issue because it’s a global outage.

The only way to bypass the error message is to download an older version of Facebook Lite.

Otherwise, you need to wait for Facebook to fix the issue and update the app when they release a bug fix.


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