Kacher Manush Dure Thuiya 2024: bilibili dailymotion

Kacher Manush Dure Thuiya 2024: bilibili dailymotion

Kacher Manush Dure Thuiya 2024: bilibili dailymotion

A Tale of Touch. ‘Kacher Manush Dure Thuiya’: is a story of going away for the needs of life, and returning to the stirring of feelings. This long-distance relationship saga unveils the poignant struggles of lovers separated by thousands of miles – a narrative steeped in the complexities of distance, evoking doubt, mistrust, anger, and resentment, ultimately culminating in separation. It’s a poignant portrayal of the profound longing for physical closeness, encapsulated in the simple yet profound act of a hug, bridging the chasm between distant hearts.

Top Billed Cast

  1. Pritom Hasan
  2. Tasnia Farin
  3. Rupanty Akid
  4. Samapti Mashuk
  5. Khalilur Rahman Kadery

Kacher Manush Dure Thuiya: Will love survive the perils of long distance?

Sharmin was a girl with big dreams and aspirations, completely unaware that love lurked just around the corner. In the midst of the lush green landscapes of Rajshahi, she encountered love in the form of Farhan, a boy who was as unrestrained as a bird. He fondly called her ‘madam elachi’ while she thought of him as transparent as an open book. They were madly in love but distance but distance soon became an unwelcome obstacle. He had to leave for Australia to make a name for himself. Will their love survive the struggles of long distance, or will it crumble beneath the weight of complexities of relationship?

For the very first time, Tasnia Farin and Pritom Hasan shared the screen in Shihab Shaheen’s “Kacher Manush Dure Thuiya.” The picturesque settings of Rajshahi and Australia added a beautiful backdrop, and the fresh on-screen chemistry between the highly talented Farin and the charismatic heartthrob Pritom created a significant buzz on social media.

Kacher Manush Dure Thuiya:Chorki

“Kacher Manush Dure Thuiya” unfolds as a highly pertinent narrative, centering around the theme of long-distance relationships—an aspect seldom explored in the realm of storytelling in Bangladesh, stated the director.

“With nearly millions of individuals residing abroad, engaged in diverse sectors and professions, the film sheds light on a genuine and widespread issue that has surprisingly been overlooked. When the ‘Ministry of Love’ approached me for content, I recognised the opportunity to delve into this significant and untouched subject matter,” said Shaheen.

Kacher Manush Dure Thuiya

Prior to its release, we heard interesting behind-the-scene stories of their shooting. Farin encountered visa hurdles due to her name, while Pritom quenched his wanderlust through the roads of Australia with his scooty. Despite these challenges, their time filming in Australia proved to be fantastic.

“I had very little time for shooting in Australia, with only about 2-3 shoots, but I thoroughly enjoyed exploring the beautiful city. As for my favorite scene from the web-film, it’s the last part, which I can’t reveal right now because I want to keep it as a surprise,” said Farin. Interestingly, Shihab Shaheen’s preferred scene also happened to be the last one, and he was worried about whether they would be able to pull it off. “The moment was exceptionally challenging, and I believe a scene of this kind has never been captured in a Bangladeshi web-film before.”

While the film is based on a fictionalisd story; it became somewhat relatable to Farin, as she herself is also in a long-distance relationship with her husband.

“When Shihab bhai shared the story with me, I felt an immediate connection as it resonated with my own experiences. I expressed to him that if he sought any input, I was more than willing to contribute, which I did eventually. Typically, when portraying a character, extensive research and referencing are required. However, drawing inspiration from my own life made it easier for me to seamlessly immerse myself into the role,” explained the actress.

As love has evolved across generations, the intricacies of complications seem to have only deepened over time. When questioned about whether the story delves into the real-life complexities, both Farin and Shihab Shaheen shared their perspectives on the matter.

“The narrative underscores how distance can pose a significant obstacle to love. The human mind doesn’t operate in a linear fashion, and the distance of the heart proves to be a more formidable obstacle than geographical separation. Many ask me whether Sharmin and Farhan reunite in the end. To them, I would like to convey that reunion or separation doesn’t necessarily define a ‘happy ending.’ I believe individual realisation can also be interpreted as a happy ending,” shared the actress.

While Farin adopted a more philosophical stance regarding love, Shihab Shaheen took a realistic approach to find out whether long-distance actually works out.

“I visited Australia twice to conduct background research on Bangladeshi students and professionals residing there. I aimed to understand the prevalent challenges, and 99 percent of the individuals I interviewed expressed that long-distance relationships don’t work. My goal was to identify that elusive 1 percent who managed to make it work, and I discovered 2-3 stories that defied the odds. I sought to find a middle ground amidst these contrasting experiences,” explained the director.

Only one song has been released from the web-film, titled “Megh Balika,” showcasing the compelling chemistry between Farin and Pritom. The song’s lyrics were penned by Sadat Hossain, and Emon Chowdhury composed the music. Singers Mahtim Shakib and Nandita collaborated for this melodious track.

“We made the BGM and background score based on the tune of the song. Although it’s a different composition, it carries a beautiful melody that is sure to resonate with the audience,” shared the director.

As the month of February draws to a close, Chorki has already released “Kacher Manush Dure Thuiya”. As the streaming platform embarks on the challenge of guiding us down the path of love, it remains to be seen whether the audience opts for the high way or takes a direct flight into Shihab Shaheen’s rocky tale of long-distance’ love in “Kacher Manush Dure Thuiya”. link

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