Noah Schnapp TikTok Doja Cat Video

Noah Schnapp TikTok Doja Cat Video .

After last week’s TikTok release of their direct messages, “Stranger Things” actor Noah Schnapp claims he apologized to “Need to Know” rapper Doja Cat.

In a TikTok video he shared on Wednesday, the actor who plays Will Byers in the popular Netflix series accepted responsibility. The clip was set to a sped-up version of Doja Cat’s hit song “Kiss Me More.”

Guys, everything is ok. In the video’s comments, where he can be seen expertly completing a math test, the 17-year-old star stated, “I apologized and I still follow her and love her music, no hard feelings.

Noah Schnapp TikTok Doja Cat

Though several people reacted on his choice of Doja Cat’s music, his comment didn’t come until two hours after he aired the video daring followers to “Beat my score.”

Noah Schnapp TikTok Doja Cat Video

Schnapp removed the original video, but Doja criticized the celebrity on TikTok Live, accusing him of acting like a “borderline snake” because of his youth. The “Planet Her” singer claimed that she had already spoken to Schnapp about the leak, which she described as “a bizarre power play.”

But even so, the 26-year-old rapper received criticism on social media from a number of users who disapproved of her reaching out to a youngster and then criticizing them.Video Now

Since then, the musician hasn’t commented on the matter specifically, but on Friday he tweeted: “Y’all are so cringe and lame and nobody wants to hang w u.”

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