Udaariyaan 1st November 2023 Written Episode Update: Aasma puts up a play

Udaariyaan 1st November 2023 Written Episode Update: Aasma puts up a play

Udaariyaan 1st November 2023 Written Episode Update: Aasma puts up a play

Aasma speaks with Deepak at the beginning of the episode. He reminds her to never compromise her self-respect in the sake of love and relationships. Kabir comes up to say hello. He is chastised by Aasma for storming into the room. “I’m your friend, why are you both upset?” Kabir asks. She pulls him off. When Aasma first meets Alia, she remarks, “I wonder how Armaan and the family will take hearing about the pregnancy.” She greets Ekam and his family. Kabir and Armaan arrive and say hello.

Speaking with Deepak over the phone, Armaan promises to stay till the procedure is done. Alia believes I’m being duped by Aasma. She remembers what Aasma said. “I think Aasma doubts us,” she continues, pulling Armaan away. Did she tell you anything, he asks? Leave, and we’ll chat later. I have to be honest with Aasma after Deepak’s operation, he says. We can’t wait to watch what Aasma accomplishes this time, according to Ekam. Sukhi acknowledges that she is unique to us. You are all very precious to me, Aasma explains. She performs shahri. Kabir remarks, “Nice poetry.” Neetu comments, “One more: we had no idea you had this talent.”

While reciting poetry, Aasma converses with Armaan and teases both Alia and him. Kabir remarks, “Wonderful, Armaan, you also respond to her.” I’m not talented; I can only memorise two lines from a Ghazal, adds Armaan. He performs shayari as well. Everyone cheers. “Alaia, Armaan told me everything,” adds Aasma. “Sit down; the show is about to begin.” What, asks Alia? Aasma enters the auditorium. We’re seeing a programme today, she says. The drama starts. Armaan and Alia follow the performers as they make their way to the stage. Aasma tells both her narrative and the love story of Armaan and Alia. While watching the play, Armaan and Alia sob. Aasma enters the stage while wearing a mask. She remembers the deceit of Armaan and Alia. On stage, she does a dance. She adds, “I can’t take this hit to my self-esteem; I have to fight for it and make them admit the truth—they’ve always lied to me.” Following a call, Armaan leaves. Aasma believes he became afraid of the truth. The doctor calls for Armaan to come in as Deepak’s procedure is about to begin. Armaan walks off.

Armaan gives Deepak a blood donation. Aasma loses the bracelet close to Alia. Alia becomes anxious. She believes she is tricking everyone, but I’ll take off her disguise. When Alia pauses, Aasma asks her what happened and invites her to stay to witness the conclusion since she needs to make an announcement. Don’t lie, you were dancing on the stage, as Alia claims. Aasma refutes that. How is Deepak doing, Armaan asks the doctor? The surgeon said the procedure went well and he is OK. It’s time to right the injustice, Armaan declares, and I’ll tell everyone the truth. Are you going to reveal the pregnancy to Alia or are you attempting to uncover your husband’s lies? You are overacting, according to Aasma. You’re doing this, according to Alia, to force me to accept reality. You may let me know if there’s anything, Aasma says. She believes that Armaan has departed, but you have to be honest; else, I won’t be able to reveal the pregnancy. She heads out to pray. She claims, “I’m going to lie to my family, please forgive me, they cheated on me and lied to me.” Alia claims that if you get pregnant, Armaan will be lost to me forever.

The show comes to an end.

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