Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 4g Frp Bypass Without Pc
Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 4g Frp Bypass Without Pc

Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 4g Frp Bypass Without Pc

Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 4g Frp Bypass Without Pc

Hello friends how are you guys hope

I hope you are all right my friend

redmp3 model is friend in it fuffer p lock

Lag gaya hai then you can see if aapke

This is how FRP is locked on the phone

And from here onwards you will get g mail id

Signing speaks to what you don’t know

So you don’t need to worry today


So let us start first

Here will tap start pay now pay here

English India language is selected

अधि पर पर भी टिक टिक है

Done going forward now down here

I will tick then move on from here

Let’s go to SIM card in this phone

Nahi laga hua hai to 2 seconds rukenge ashe

After that, you will move on from here

Talking to connect to WiFi network

Friend if there is any other phone in your house

So start hotspot in it and this phone

Connect to a Wi-Fi network

If the internet is running on this phone at home

There is no other phone in this phone

You can also run the net by inserting a SIM card

तो हम लोग है पर एक विफी नेट्रोग

Now connecting to this WiFi network

We are putting the password

The WiFi network you connect to

WiFi network by entering its password

You can see here if you connect

पर WiFi network is connected now

We will move on from here to now

It will take a minute or two to come up with the next option

Так Так хом лог ко вет карна hai то friend

How do you like my video comments?

Typing में will definitely tell you if you have मेरा

The video looks good to my video

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Make friends if you are new to my channel

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Subscribe to the channel as well

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কান কান কান ক্র প্র প্র সাকা সা সা সান

Copy this written below

tap on

Will give it a little wait

Now the friend is asking for Patton Lock here

Here the same patter is saying lock draw

If this phone was used last time

You know, draw your phone here

This is where the pattern lock will open

I do not know and when we people someone else

Also to unlock it by putting pattern lock

If you try then that color comes

You will see below

Tap on Account Info

Now tell me to sign Pay Mail ID here

raha hai friend अग्य पर wahi mail id sign

Karne is talking which is the last time in this phone

It has been used and written to verify your

Account if you know the Gmail ID password

It will open next to Gmail ID password

I don’t know what we will do and when we will

People will go next then not further from here

If it increases, let’s go to its c account today

Let us bypass it and show you

People want to come back and back

Full back will come

It will go to the entire start main

Where we started

There were more and once it’s okay, now we’re here

What will you do first of all toll back this phone

If you turn on the toll back

For volume up button and

Volume Down Button It’s both buttons together

Let’s press it

It’s like you’re going to keep it pressed

See here how it will appear on the screen

It is written below in turn on this पर हुम

People will tap फिर से हम लोग है पर

What will the volume button and the lume down button do?

Again press the volume up and down button again

Let’s keep pressing it

Here is the tall back on

Will you go now?

Let’s make L on the lower screen

ব্ন্দ্য জায়্তা প্র্তে সান্তা স্য়া

See written in second number

Tap on the search screen

Will give then double tap

If you do, open it in this way

के अाया अग्या पर पर आप अज्ञा में में

The keyboard looks fine

At the corner you will see a four-corner icon

Now we have to tap on this

It will open like this in front of you

Here’s a bit further down

Come here last mein you will see the peacock

Tap on us

देंग तो अपके में में अगर से कुल के

Will come now hum people kya karna hai first

Toll back of this phone should be turned off

What to do to turn off toll back?

Volume Up and Volume Down buttons simultaneously

If pressed, this is volume up and this is volume

We will press down both together

Let’s press

If you press the toll back, it will be off

Chuka hai ab hum log kya karna hai here

See what you see below

About is ok at the bottom it says about

We’ll tap on this and then a second

Private policy is written in the number

पर पर करेड करें ट अप्के अच्छा में आस शार

Se khul ke will come now here any one

We will select the word and keep it

Let us select any one word

would have done

are like select here like this

से चुल के आया है पर last में अपना

Tap the three dot on it

will now open here like this

Here is what is written at the bottom

Search Privately Ok

Tap on the bottom


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