Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd January 2024 Written Episode Update: Abhira convinces Rohit to come back

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd January 2024 Written Episode Update: Abhira convinces Rohit to come back

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd January 2024 Written Episode Update: Abhira convinces Rohit to come back

The episode opens. Aryan is asked to stop making noise by Vidya. Manisha says, “I’m telling the truth, but his voice is low.” Vidya assures her that if Dadi were in danger, you would have gone to visit her as soon as Abhira reported that something had fallen in her chamber. Manisha claims, “I was unaware.” Vidya and Madhav get into a fight. Armaan observes. Facebook depicts Rohit hearing Madhav and Vidya quarrel. He sobs. He is forced to put on the headphones by Armaan. He is a musician. Tears are wiped by Rohit. Armaan hears their altercation. Facebook shuts down. You don’t seem to care about the issues, Vidya says. I say leave it be, Madhav. Abhira remembers what Armaan said. Ruhi leaves with her sign. Vidya is stopped by Ruhi. With tears in his eyes, Armaan leaves the home. He remembers what Rohit said. He remembers Dadi while he sobs. Abhira arrives and lifts him up. Breathe, Armaan, she whispers, and let go.

He remembers what Dadi said when he sees her. He claims that I should never have brought you here and that my greatest error was supporting you. You used to quarrel with my family in Kasauli on a daily basis. Abhira sobs and walks away. She addresses Akshu’s photo. She prepares her wardrobe. It’s about your respect and my self-respect; I can’t stay with someone who believes I’m his biggest mistake. She claims that I felt like a burden because you gave Armaan my responsibility. He called me his biggest mistake today, so I tried to control myself. They ridiculed and punished me. She dabs at her tears. She responds, “No, my tears are not worthless, so I shouldn’t waste them.” As she walks away, she remembers what Vidya, Dadi, and Armaan said. She sobs and asks, “Should I go or not? Dadi has my mother’s box; Madhav will find Rohit.” Outside, she notices a parked automobile. She rushes over to Madhav. She claims that nighttime CCTV video is obscure, making it difficult to trace the vehicle. However, if his automobile had a toll tag, we could use it to track him. He remarks, “Wonderful, I never considered that.” She makes sure. He claims that Rohit overreached. She claims that because there aren’t many motels in this hamlet, he would have stayed here. I’ll investigate. “I’ll find the number,” he says. She responds, “I understand.” “This is Inspector Reema speaking. Is Rohit Poddar present in your hotel?” she asks over the phone. She apologises, saying, “Everyone respects police, I had to tell this to get guest details.” Okay, Madhav replies, I’ll send my staff over there. Yes, Rohit checked in at night, the woman replies. Make me speak to him, adds a smiling Abhira. Rohit remembers his parents. Someone calls him. When she heard his voice, Abhira grinned.

It’s me, Abhira; you don’t want to talk, but you can listen to me; come back; Dadi got sick; your mother didn’t eat; your father is looking for you; we didn’t even get any sleep; consider Ruhi; you are aware of Armaan’s condition; I can’t tell you about it; we will resolve the matter; please accept. He hangs off the phone and sobs. Did you find Rohit, Madhav asks. Armaan queries his return date. Dadi yells at Vidya. I got a mail from Rohit. With joy, she dashes downstairs. She falters. Dadi is held by Armaan and Abhira.

Is everything okay, Vidya asks. Yes, Dadi responds, Rohit has messaged you. Tell me what he wrote, Vidya asks. I didn’t read it, according to Dadi. Read it, Vidya says. Dadi reads this: “I apologise to my family; I know you all adore me and I should not have left in that manner.” She adds, “Rohit, we really love you.” She takes a reading. Don’t hold yourself or other people responsible; I made the choice to leave and return home. No one told me anything. Our Rohit is coming home, she says. Everybody is grinning.

Dadi adds, “I know you all will understand when I tell you why I’m leaving this way.” Ruhi and Armaan get to see each other. You don’t seem content, Manoj says. Dadi says, “I’m wondering why he left the house.” Ruhi, Rohit is returning, smile now, Vidya adds. Ruhi grinned. Abhira protects them from harm.

I think Rohit is visiting a temple. Giving the documents, Pandit remarks, “I have Matarani’s blessings on it.” Expressing gratitude, Rohit places the documents next to the idol. He adds keep Armaan and Ruhi happy always, their happiness is with each other, don’t know how I got between them, Abhira will be happy after this connection, I only hope the family understands and Armaan and Ruhi reconcile. He views the marital documents for Cancel.

Precap: Armaan says Rohit is coming, grin. Abhira says become Rohit’s world today. Inspector says something to Madhav and Abhira. Abhira said Rohit met with an accident, police attempted to locate him, but didn’t find him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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