Anupama 1st November 2023 Written Update
Anupama 30th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Anuj-Anupama Get Romantic

Anupama 31st October 2023 Written Episode Update: Anuj and Anupama’s suggestion to Ankush

Anupama 31st October 2023 Written Episode Update: Anuj and Anupama’s suggestion to Ankush

Anupama 30th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Anuj-Anupama Get Romantic

Anupama is startled as she enters Romil’s chamber. Leaving his book on the bed, she leaves. Startled, Romil stands up and wonders whether Anu aunty saw. Anupama believes she has to speak with Anuj and Ankush to help Romil comprehend before he picks up negative information from the internet. Vanraj and Babu ji take a stroll at the park. Vanraj’s father is highly loved by Babu ji’s friends, even though most people his age put their parents in nursing homes. Babu ji states that his son has never wavered in his devotion to us and has turned down a higher paying job offer from Delhi, opting instead to stay with his parents rather than pursue his profession. He compliments Vanraj. Let’s laugh, said the man. While Babu ji and the other men laugh, Vanraj finds it difficult to laugh, even when Babu ji repeatedly asks him to. Vanraj then apologises to Babu ji and says he feels like weeping.

Anuj is asked by Anupama whether Bhai would comprehend. Anuj thinks that even if things are different in the US where Bhai lived, he will still understand. When Ankush arrives, he replies, “You called me today. What’s the problem?” Anuj requests that he hear Anupama out and then respond. Anupama pauses before speaking and says video. Romil was viewing pornographic film, according to Anuj, when Anupama walked to his room. Infuriated, Ankush threatens to chastise him right away. He is asked by Anuj to avoid making the same mistake that his parents regularly make. The music is making the elderly men and ladies laugh and dance. Vanraj is asked to dance by Babu ji. They could be smiling and dancing because they might not be experiencing any troubles or agony in their lives, according to Vanraj, who claims he can’t dance. Babu Ji informs him about the suffering experienced by all men, adding that they have learned to face life head-on and have refused to give up. According to him, everyone has pain in life; some individuals are able to recover from it, while others only itch it, making it worse. He invites him to grip the finger of another youngster and adds, “We have to choose between darkness and morning because morning comes every day.” He begs him to overcome the darkness and choose light. Vanraj averts his gaze.

We are not complaining to you about Romil, Anuj informs Ankush. According to Anupama, we are not criticising him for his actions. Then, Ankush queries, what is it? Anupama thinks that’s typical. According to Anuj, this is caused by a change in hormones. We don’t speak about these kinds of things, Anupama claims, so he became inquisitive and looked up their inquiries online—something they shouldn’t know. Anuj believes that children of this age should be aware of s*x education. Anupama says you have to explain things to him. We can’t wait for society to change, according to Anuj. As his father, Ankush explains how to communicate with him. According to Anupama, a parent at this age should become a friend to his kid. Anuj believes you should discuss unpleasant topics with him. Ankush claims that our relationship is not typical. Anupama queries if it would be OK if he makes a mistake. Anuj warns that there is a catch and that parents need to be aware of it before they can discuss it with their kids. Ankush is grateful to them for helping him comprehend. All of us are with Anuj, he claims.

Anupama provides Dimpy some snacks, a tiffin, and other items before she leaves the home. If she needs the items, she asks her to ask the driver to fetch them. Dimpy embraces her and thanks. For her novel, Choti Anu gives Anupama a call. Pakhi seems agitated. Pakhi is asked to take something by Anupama. The fact that Anupama requested Pakhi to take anything enrages her. Anupama considers extending her fasts and prays to God to give Pakhi a motherhood. When Pakhi goes to the kitchen to get her milk shake, she spots a commercial. When Malti Devi arrives, she is told it is a scam and is advised not to give it any thought. She remarks that Anupama lives in a vast universe and offers to take her to a reputable physician. She claims, “I want every woman to experience the same happiness because I know what it’s like to be a mother.” She declares that both this home and you are hers. Anupama discusses the doctor with someone.

To take her mind off things, Dimpy’s pal takes her to the dancing event. Dimpy pulls out the bottle of water and sip. She sip’s on water. She opens her hair and moves it when she hears music. She adds, “I will try to live this moment, forgetting my pain, but for a while, I will miss you, Samar.” From there, the individual passes away. Her buddy informs her that a well-known social media influencer with 2.5 million followers is visiting today. Who is he, Dimpy wonders?

Preview: Tapish plays a rendition of the Jai Jai Shiv Shankar song. Dimpy exclaims, “Think how bad it was, your dance ruined my mood and I’m leaving.” Kavya’s godh bharayi is arranged by Anupama and Anuj. Malti Devi becomes irate.


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