Kumkum Bhagya 30th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Wedding bells for Ranbir and Prachi

Kumkum Bhagya 30th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Wedding bells for Ranbir and Prachi

Kumkum Bhagya 30th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Wedding bells for Ranbir and Prachi

Mihika questions Ranbir in the beginning of the episode about why he doesn’t want her to tell everyone because he wants to maintain his phoney respect and goodness. She responds, “Why do you want to maintain it? It’s all fake.” What’s going on, Vikram asks Ashok and then Ranbir? We should go inside and discuss, adds Ranbir. Mihika is asked to go speak with Ranbir by Ashok and Manpreet. Nobody will have parents like me or a spouse like my brother, according to Mihika. She is asked to quit talking silly by Akshay. Mihika calls out to Prachi. Khushi queries what’s going on. Manpreet requests that Divya take her out for ice cream. Mihika motions for Prachi to descend. She agrees to speak with Ranbir. Mihika is asked by Akshay to resolve the issue with Ranbir and to avoid involving Prachi and him. I said no one would obtain a husband like you, adds Mihika. She is asked to halt right here by Akshay. Do you have any ideas? Mihika asks, adding that she was having sex with Ranbir in the room. She claims that I saw their kiss. Everyone is taken aback. Mihika is asked to come by Manpreet. Mihika suggests that instead of removing me from this place, you should question your bahu. Let her speak, said Vishaka. Ranbir claims that if she spoke, the atmosphere would be destroyed and that no one would be able to stop her from speaking. I haven’t heard anything negative about Prachi, he adds.

Mihika inquires, “What’s up with you two?” We have a respectful relationship, adds Ranbir. Mihika requests a kiss from him as well. Ranbir adds, “I wish I could respect you, but you did something that made me think you failed, and you did something significant.” How can you expect me to respect you, he asks. Mihika remarks that while Prachi and your relationship are as clean as the Ganga, everything you say would be tainted. She begs him to quit claiming that Prachi and he have a pure relationship. Did he give Prachi a kiss, asks Akshay? What was said by Ranbir, he asks Prachi? Pallavi questions why this girl won’t allow everyone to live in harmony. Dida implores her to settle down. Pallavi claims that Mihika is wounded, which is why she is saying this.

Prachi is asked by Akshay whether he kissed her. Pallavi inquires of Prachi. She claims that Ranbir is not currently yours; he is Mihika’s future spouse. Ranbir responds, “No, there is no relationship between Mihika and me; I’m no longer her fiancé and I don’t love her.” When Mihika tries to undermine Prachi’s dignity, he says you should stand by her. He declares his love for Prachi. Has he kissed you, asks Akshay? Yes, I kissed her, replies Ranbir. He responds, “You’re right, Mihika, but that kiss wasn’t malicious; it was just a genuine, emotional kiss.” He claims that I gave her a forehead kiss, just like I did with my mother and Dida. He claims that it was the kiss I gave my newborn daughter on the forehead to express my gratitude for entering my life. He claims it was a spiritual kiss rather than a physical one. You folks do this behind my back, says Akshay.

Manpreet advises Akshay to avoid saying anything negative about Prachi since she won’t listen to them. She tells Prachi that she doesn’t have to respond to questions from anybody and that she should respond to everyone. When Ashok sees her, he says, “I don’t know what to do,” trying to get the questions about his children off her mind. He adds, “I’m sorry; I thought of you as my daughter, and now you’re being punished.” He offers her an apology. Have you both gone insane, Mihika wonders? She claims that while Prachi is still Akshay’s wife, Ranbir is not her fiancé. Ranbir begs her to stop, saying, “I can’t stop now, even though I didn’t tell anyone until now.” He continues, “I have to tell Prachi and Akshay the truth because I am really hurt.”

He is asked to speak with Akshay rather than his wife. Prachi is not your wife; I am well aware of the situation, adds Ranbir. You didn’t put kumkum in Prachi’s maang, he claims. He claims that your marriage is phoney, that your rounds were incomplete, that your mangalsutra was not on Prachi’s neck, that you two have no relationship, and that she was never your wife. Even after learning this, he apologises to Prachi and states, “I stayed within my limits and didn’t go near her or take advantage of her for her respect.” It’s enough now, he adds, and everyone will understand this. Does Akshay think it’s absurd? Ashok asserts that everything is true. He claims that I was made aware of this some time ago. Manpreet claims, “I knew Prachi would never push herself over her bounds, and she never did.” She claims that she would have left with Ranbir if another female had been at her house, but she maintained her respect for the relationship, which never existed. Prachi is our beti, not our bahu, according to Ashok. Manpreet said, “I want my daughter Prachi to marry the guy who knows to support her, who values his love, who respects women, and that’s Ranbir.” This is in reference to the fact that everyone has learned that Akshay and Prachi are not married. Vishaka, Mihika, and Akshay get agitated.

Is Pallavi in favour of Prachi and Ranbir’s alliance, Manpreet asks? Akshay inquires, “What are you saying?” He is asked to remain quiet by Ashok. I survive without Prachi, but my breath doesn’t function, and I feel so empty without her—you know well that she completes me—Ranbir tells Pallavi that he can’t bear to live without her. He asks her to provide him happiness and to allow him to spend time with Prachi. Dida responds, “I accept this alliance; Ranbir’s life is our lives.” She pleads, “Don’t separate them; let them be together. Since I saw them, they are together and really love each other.” She claims that because it is God’s will, we are not working with them. You’re correct, Vikram remarks, adding that now that they had a daughter named Khushi, their family will be complete. He states that Prachi and Ranbir will be together. Prachi is informed by Ranbir that while they have been apart up till now, he has listened to others and now wants to remain with her. He says that although others may say whatever they want, God has linked them and he would marry her. Pallavi kisses Ranbir’s forehead after saying, “Ranbir.” She gives Manpreet a nod of approval and folds her hand in front of him, indicating that she supports her daughter’s relationship. Give Manpreet a hug. Ranbir gives Prachi an intense expression.

Vikram, Pallavi, and Dida give Ranbir hugs. The song “Tere Mera Bandhan” plays.For their daughter, Ashok requests that Pallavi and Vikram bring Ranbir’s baraat to their home. They chuckle. Prachi is invited to join Ranbir for puja, and he tells her that their nakshatras match.

Prachi and Ranbir sat together for the pooja. You didn’t ask me whether I wanted to marry you or not, Prachi says to Ranbir. Ranbir asks whether you would have rejected, saying that it was God’s will. Prachi adds, “God wills it.” When Akshay gets home, he remembers what happened with anger. He says, “I’ll end everything; why did Prachi do this with me?” Vishaka attempts to stop him by approaching from behind. She continues, “I asked you to be good with Prachi. Do whatever you want for her. Please don’t let your anger get the better of you.” She sobs and adds, “You will not get anything by doing this.” She begs him to follow her instructions while sobbing and reminds him of his pledge. Akshay leaves after being very enraged. Vikhaka sobs. He remembers everything that happened, including Manpreet’s proposal for Ranbir and Prachi’s marriage, Ashok’s warning, Mihika blaming Prachi, and their fictitious marriage. He strikes the bag of punches. When Manpreet arrives, she attempts to stop him. Prachi is asked to go and stop him by her. When Prachi notices that his hand is bleeding, she tells him to stop. She approaches the punching bag from the front. Akshay gives up.Prachi stops him and queries why he isn’t paying attention. Recalling Ranbir’s remarks, Akshay becomes agitated.

Precap: Khushi will be entirely yours, Akshay assures Prachi, adding that he will go to transfer Khushi’s custody in her name. Subsequently, he assures Vishaka that Khushi would become his daughter and that Khushi will be the cause for his marriage with Prachi. He declares, “I will make all the marriage-related arrangements, but with Prachi’s permission, I will sit on the mandap.” Vishaka grinning.

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