[APK Download] YouTube ReVanced 18.45.41 & Music 6.28.52 now available

[APK Download] YouTube ReVanced 18.45.41 & Music 6.28.52 now available

YouTube ReVanced 18.45.41 & Music 6.28.52 now available

A third-party YouTube client for Android called YouTube Revanced Extended recently received an upgrade that included the most recent YouTube client. Following the shutdown of YouTube Vanced, Revanced took over and made it open source, allowing anyone to fork it and create new versions like Revanced Extended. Get the most recent Vanced Music APK 6.28.52 and YouTube Revanced Extended APK 18.45.41 here.

With its integrated AD-Blocker, this feature-rich programme offers a better streaming experience. With features like SponsorBlock, background play, free picture-in-picture (PiP), an AMOLED black theme, swipe control for brightness and volume, and even the option to restore dislike counts on YouTube videos, it elevates your interactions with the platform to a whole new level.

Download the most recent YouTube ReVanced extended APK to improve your YouTube experience. Completely loaded with the most recent Vanced fixes, this version guarantees smooth operation with the more recent YouTube client version 18.45.41 as well as all future updates. Furthermore, don’t pass up the chance to take advantage of the immersive audio experience provided by the most recent YouTube Vanced Music 6.28.52 APK.

With many more features than the built-in YouTube client, the most recent version, YouTube Vanced v18, is currently fairly reliable. Additionally, it resolved the sporadic hiccups and interruptions, greatly improving the operation. Faster performance and constant support for all the newest features are further claims made by the new version.

YouTube ReVanced Extended has a number of important features.

  • Remove Ads: Enjoy an ad-free YouTube experience with patches that eliminate both general and video ads.
  • Seekbar Tapping: Easily navigate through videos by tapping the seekbar, avoiding the need to drag the slider.
  • Amoled Theme: Embrace a sleek pure black theme, enhancing both aesthetics and battery life on AMOLED displays.
  • Hide Cast Button: Reduce on-screen clutter by hiding the Cast button if it’s not in use.
  • Disable Create Button: Minimize distractions by disabling the Create feature when unnecessary.
  • Minimized Playback: Listen to YouTube audio continuously, even when switching to other apps or turning off the screen.
  • Hide YT Shorts: Remove the Reels button if you don’t use the feature, keeping the screen tidy.
  • Disable Shorts Button: Turn off the Shorts feature button to further declutter the interface.
  • Locale Config Fix: Resolve issues related to incorrect locale settings, ensuring smooth app performance.
  • Resource Provider for Resource Mapping: Benefit from a resource provider, though its exact purpose remains unclear.
  • Separated Hide channel profile components patch from Hide layout components patch
  • Added Hide ‘For You’ shelf settings in YouTube/Hide channel profile components
  • Added Hide podcast sections settings in YouTube/Hide description components
  • Fixed an issue with Enable wide search bar affecting the toolbar even when turned off
  • Rolled back legacy code for Hide general ads
  • Matched Return YouTube Dislike to official ReVanced code
  • Changed response waiting time for Spoof player parameters
  • Updated translations for various languages

Downlaod YouTube Vanced APK

Download the latest YouTube ReVanced extended APK with the latest Vanced patches based on the newer YouTube client v18.45.41 or later.

Here are all the versions of YT Revanced Extended for root and non-root with Magisk support.

Based on YT v18.45.41

Download YouTube Vanced Music APK

Also, get the latest YouTube Vanced Music 6.28.52 APK.

Based on YT Music v6.28.52

Download Vanced microG APK

microG is a very important app if you want to log in to YouTube. This is a free and open-source (FOSS) alternative to Google Play Services; which is required for Google sign-in.

Download mMicroG


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