Bhagya Lakshmi 30th October 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 1st November 2023 Written Update

Written Update on Kundali Bhagya, November 1, 2023: Written Update on Kundali

In the first scene of today’s Kundali Bhagya episode, which airs on November 1, 2023, Shrishti is seen asleep after her prayer to God to protect her family in the afterlife. ~

Bhagya Lakshmi 30th October 2023 Written Update
Bhagya Lakshmi 30th October 2023 Written Update

Sonal enters the room at the beginning of the episode and examines the money bag. She considers going to pay the vehicle owner and considers if Malishka has completed the task or not. She leaves. Neelam answers Kiran’s phone. Is everything okay, Kiran asks? Neelam says that his kid would be well. Kiran wonders if Rishi was let go. We went home, Neelam says. Kiran promises to meet you when I get home. Her phone call finishes. Sonal shows up. Kiran claims that when Rishi regained consciousness, he kept Malishka’s involvement in their accident a secret. Sonal speculates that maybe Lakshmi kept Malishka a secret from Rishi. Kiran is hopeful. Sonal adds, “I’m going to pay the truck owner money.” She believes she won’t inform or clarify. Where is Malishka, Kiran wonders? Sonal claims that she went to see Rishi in order to gain Neelam’s favour. The truck owner is being followed by Shalu and Bani in the car. They plan to apprehend him and force him to make a full confession. Shalu urges the driver to travel more quickly and questions why Ayush hasn’t arrived yet. After calling Lakshmi and bringing Malishka out, Rishi discovers that she is really Malishka. How did she faint, he wonders? Malishka offers a false narrative while seeming to regain consciousness, claiming that Lakshmi is not in the storage room and that the boxes dropped. She claims she was missed by even the ward boy.

Rishi says, “I sense Lakshmi’s presence.” Malishka becomes enraged but keeps her composure, telling him that Lakshmi is in your head and that she has left this place and isn’t even between us. I sense Lakshmi being here, says Rishi. When Malishka inquires as to whether he is seeing her here, she responds, “It’s just your imagination. You’re hurting and have had so many shots; your body needs rest.” Let’s go seek Lakshmi, she says. Do you truly want to seek her, Rishi asks. Virender informs Karishma that Rishi remained in the hospital and did not leave. When Rishi arrives, he tells Virender that she is not present, but he sensed her. According to Virender, Lakshmi had to have been abducted, and the girl who abducted her had to have attempted to murder her. When the Inspector shows there, he informs Lakshmi that they are searching him and requests information from him. Rishi promises to go look for Lakshmi. They are searching, the inspector adds. He is asked by Virender to check if he knows anything. Rishi claims he didn’t see anybody, including the driver. Thanking God, Malishka states that because Rishi didn’t see her, only Lakshmi is left, and she will perish.

When Malishka enters the storage, she believes she has the perfect plan at the perfect moment. She prevented him from reaching Lakshmi, giving her the opportunity to murder her. A Facebook video appears as she remembers. She diverts Rishi’s attention from Lakshmi, pulls her, and covertly lays a box on her. She then drops to the spot where Lakshmi had been sleeping before and cries for him to notice her. She believes that when Rishi takes me out, believing he has located Lakshmi, he will be astonished to find me. She considers using her cunning to divert his attention. Rishi locates her and addresses her as Lakshmi. FB closes. Malishka declares that she would murder Rishi someplace else after tricking her, glad that she has done so. She pulls Lakshmi to the ward while donning gloves. Because she feels so heavy, she considers killing herself in order to carry her load. She considers how to murder the girl and believes she will do something to make everyone disbelieve her. She grabs some medical supplies and considers stabbing her. Blood splatters over her hands and face as she stabs her. She leaves the hospital.

Malishka isn’t stopping her insanity, despite Kiran’s belief that she is attempting to patch things up with Neelam in order to use her later. She remembers that in a Facebook post, Karishma asks Neelam whether she would allow him to see Lakshmi. Kiran believes that Malishka will have the opportunity to wed Neelam if he brings Rishi home. Kiran is asked to sit when Karishma notices her. Kiran inquires about Rishi and says she had considered meeting them. Praise for Neelam, Karishma claims Rishi recovered because of her affection. Neelam is a boundless love, according to Kiran. Karishma holds Lakshmi responsible. How is she, Kiran asks? Neelam claims that since she went away, Rishi wants to look for her and that she doesn’t want anybody to be concerned about her. She declares that she does not want to rejoin her son’s life. Kiran wonders whether Malishka is to blame for this and decides to call the police if Lakshmi awakens. Karishma queries what transpired. Kiran asks whether it was an accident or if there was a murderous attempt. Neelam claims that Ayush is attempting to track out the truck’s owner and that he eloped, but that if he is discovered, she would severely punish him. FB closes. Kiran believes that she can get Rishi back if Malishka does nothing.

Inspector is informed by Rishi of everything, including how the biker led them astray and to the brink. He claims that Lakshmi rescued them. According to Virender, Lakshmi left your hand because she loved you so much and wanted to rescue you. He tells him that you are blessed to have her and requests that he look for her nonetheless. He promises that she won’t experience any sad moments in her life. Rishi begs him to be brave and assures him that he will return her safely.

“This is not my son’s ward. Where did I come?” asks a woman as she enters the ward. She passes out and collapses upon seeing a bloody puddle.

Episode is over.

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