Kumkum Bhagya 30th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Wedding bells for Ranbir and Prachi

Kumkum Bhagya 31st October 2023 Written Episode Update: Akshay’s evil plan to marry Prachi

Kumkum Bhagya 31st October 2023 Written Episode Update: Akshay’s evil plan to marry Prachi

Prachi tries to chat to Akshay in the beginning of the episode, saying, “I want to talk to you.” What does Akshay ask? There comes Ashok. Prachi queries why you are acting as if you are really harmed and experiencing issues. She should leave him alone, Akshay begs, adding that he would take care of himself. Ashok queries what transpired. He tells him to calm down; Akshay will take care of it. Mihika queries him about it. Akshay claims he has no desire to respond to anybody. Prachi begs him to look at the person he is speaking to. She questions why you are acting as if you don’t recall that our marriage isn’t genuine and adds, “I didn’t tell anyone about your behaviour because I don’t want them to be worried.” She claims that she has previously explained to you why she is marrying you and that there is no problem between her and her husband. So why are you upset now that things are going well? Akshay claims that to say he is upset would be an understatement. Instead, he claims that he is burning within and feels as if she is using him. Ashok claims that Khushi’s custody is the reason Prachi married you, since she made it very obvious. I’m sure your name will be on Prachi’s birth certificate, Akshay adds, asking Ashok to get it. Manpreet reaches out to speak with Akshay. I was wondering why you aren’t saying anything, Akshay says. It appears like you are somewhere else, according to Prachi, and not the Akshay who helped me and was kind to everyone. Why are you doing this with me, she asks? If they say the same thing to you, he says. He said that you gave Ranbir the person with whom I feel most comfortable. He begs to know why he does this, calling it selfish and adding, “I feel bad about it.” He claims that I only had Khushi, my daughter, whose custody I would give to you tomorrow. He claims, “You will marry Ranbir because Khushi is my daughter, and I love her so much and she is leaving me.”He requests that she beg Ranbir to allow him to see Khushi, promising not to bother them and to see Khushi alone. Prachi gives Akshay a hug and appreciation. Akshay grinned. Vishaka notices his sly smile. Mihika seems to be questioning him. He makes Ashok and Manpreet proud. You would have told this straight, according to Prachi. I’m not sure how to express myself well, but I told you clearly that I loved you, and you did nothing to change that, adds Akshay. Then, expressing his indignation, he jokes.

Ranbir has supper with the Kohlis. This house, according to Dadi, is now home again. She expresses happiness at seeing them all happy and says she is unsure of the last time she saw her family happy. When did Ranbir come to know the truth, Pallavi queries. Prachi spoke the truth while she was drunk, according to Ranbir, who said he was waiting for her to say so. Asking whether she drinks, Pallavi. Saying no, Ranbir reveals that her drink had been tampered with at the time. He claims he feels well enough to discuss her; Tandon ji brought her home to be his daughter. Observing his satisfaction, they chuckle. Once he’s had enough, Ranbir turns in for the night. Dida inquires as to Pallavi’s happiness with Prachi. Pallavi chuckles and thinks she would enjoy Prachi.Dida and Vikram are content.

While on call, Ranbir visualises Prachi giving him a bear embrace. He claims youPrachi queries his amazement. Ranbir expresses happiness at having her at his side. They have a passionate moment. He claims he has always dreamed of her being nearer to him. He adds, “After all these years, I always waited for this moment.” Prachi’s finger remains on his lips. He approaches her to plant a kiss, but pauses. When Prachi gets close to him to give him a kiss, he imagines that Prachi has disappeared and hears the sound of the phone ringing. He looks for her and notices her call on her phone. Prachi informs me of some excellent news. Ranbir queries your whereabouts. In the Tandon home, my room, according to Prachi. Ranbir declares that “my room is your room,” adding that “I felt like we were close and you were about to kiss me.” She expresses happiness at having her fantasy come true. Prachi declares, “I’m here,” and that it was all a dream. He comments that it was excellent and inquires about the wonderful news. He asks to see Khushi, so Prachi tells him that she feels awful for him and that Akshay consented to transfer Khushi’s custody on my name. She is urged not to trust Ranbir. Maybe it’s not the truth, he says. Prachi urges him to believe him, telling him he’s not that horrible. Accepting, Ranbir asks her to give him a kiss. Prachi terminates the call with a “bye.” At minimum, Ranbir claims, she would have smiled and sent flying kisses. Prachi grins as well.

Vishaka approaches Akshay and inquires as to his thoughts. Akshay remains silent. She presses him to express his thoughts. I felt something, Akshay says, and I wonder why you didn’t become my mother. I am only your mother, says Vishaka. According to Akshay, you used to constantly tell me to win Prachi’s heart so that she wouldn’t leave me. I used to do the same. He claims that I wouldn’t be alone today if I had complied with your advice. He claims that while males are powerful, everything ends when you realise you are in love with someone else. He claims that anything you say will come to pass. He claims that because you promised that I would become kind and kind to everyone, Prachi would be unable to resist me and will come to love me just as much as I do. He adds that Khushi would make me her father and that she will choose me over Ranbir. He claims that Khushi would be the reason I marry Prachi. He claims to be in charge of organising Ranbir and Prachi’s wedding, but with Prachi’s permission, I shall sit next to her on the mandap. He vows to completely destroy Ranbir.

Bringing home shopping guys, Ranbir returns home. Pallavi queries where you went. Bags for shopping are kept by Ranbir. Dida comes and asks did anyone miss me? She claims to have gone with her kid, then her lover, adding that she had packed items for the Shah to visit the Tandon residence. Vikram, who doesn’t trust Akshay, wants him to do it quickly. I shall bring my siya home, replies Ranbir. They say “you” when they suddenly see someone approaching.

When Vishaka gets home, she tells Ranbir’s family that she went shopping to buy shagun items. She claims to have brought them gold chain and clothing. How come you done this, Prachi asks? You are our daughter, and we will stop at nothing to support you, Manpreet adds. Ashok says that we would do whatever for you. Feeling touched, Prachi remarks that she is fortunate to have such a family. She rests her head in Ashok’s hands and says she could never have imagined having a family like that. When Akshay arrives, he says, “Don’t leave us yet.” He begs her to contact him on any occasion and warns her not to wander too far from us should she forget who we are. For a brief moment, Manpreet says, “I thought you had objections to their marriage.” Vishaka states, “I was taken to buy all these things by Akshay himself.” After giving Prachi some documents, Akshay informs her he has a surprise for her. After reading it, Prachi praises her. She claims that these are custody documents and that I have full custody of Khushi thanks to Akshay. She gives him gratitude. After urging her to calm down, Akshay informs her that you and Ranbir are now Khushi’s biological parents, not me. Prachi gives him a glance.

Precap: Ranbir’s kundali has not looked well, and Pandit ji informs Pallavi and Dida that the next four days are critical and that anything may happen during them. Vishaka is informed by Akshay that everything is fair in this conflict and that Prachi, your son, will prevail—I swear to you. Akshay is told by Ranbir that he knows what’s going through his mind, so don’t act on it. You can deceive everyone, but not me.

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