Kumkum Bhagya 30th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Wedding bells for Ranbir and Prachi

Kumkum Bhagya 1st November 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 1st November 2023 Written Episode Update: Kumkum written update

Today’s Kumkum Bhagya 1st November 2023 episode starts with Prachi going to Mandir to have blessings of god as finally she and Ranbeer will be declared as Khushi’s official parents.

Kumkum Bhagya 30th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Wedding bells for Ranbir and Prachi
Kumkum Bhagya 30th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Wedding bells for Ranbir and Prachi

Upon arriving to Kohli’s home, Pandit ji informs him that he has seen Ranbir’s kundali and that the next four days would be difficult for him. Dida queries what the answer is. The next four days are very important to Pandit Ji, thus he requests everyone to be cautious and vigilant. Thank you for coming over and warning them, Ranbir says. Goes Pandit Ji. As they prepare to go for Tandon’s residence, Ranbir tells them not to worry and assures them that nothing bad can happen to him while they are with him.

Vishaka reminds Akshay to be kind and courteous to everyone. Where is Mihika, he wonders? Vishaka says it’s a good thing she’s not here because nobody can fool her, unlike you, and they can all feel how angry she is.

The Tandon household receives the Kohli family. They’re greeted by the Tandons. Is everything okay, Akshay asks? Yes, Ranbir responds. Why are you asking? Is Prachi missing from your life, Akshay wonders. Yes, says Ranbir. Manpreet requests an apology from Akshay to everyone for abandoning the puja in the middle. Akshay expresses regret to them for assuming ownership of her, even though she is not his. He says sorry. Dida says we’re going to start again. Thank you, Dida. May I call you, Akshay asks. Yes, I am also your Dida, Dida responds.

Pallavi says we’re going to start again. Manpreet is asked by Ashok to fetch Prachi for the rasam. Thanking Ashok, Vikram adds, “You have taken care of Prachi like a daughter and given her love and happiness which we couldn’t give her.” Prachi hasn’t been with us in a long time. Ashok claims that Prachi is his daughter and that his ability to love her is a gift from God. Vishaka believes he doesn’t give a damn for his own kid and that she won’t speak out.

Prachi and Manpreet get there. Dida embraces her after Pallavi gives her a joyful embrace. Prachi is given sweets by Pallavi along with her aarti. You understand what this shagun symbolises, she adds as she hands it to her. Prachi grinning. Pallavi declares that you are now our home bahu. Prachi stands up, rubbing her feet. She is blessed by Pallavi. Prachi touches the feet of Dida. Dida pulls her in. After that, Prachi touches Manpreet’s feet. She is blessed by Vikram. Then Prachi gives Ashok a hug and accepts his blessings. She then accepts the blessings of Vishaka. Dida informs that Prachi and Ranbir are being married for the first time, complete with customs. We must also do Ranbir’s rasam, according to Akshay. After performing Ranbir’s aarti, Manpreet gives him some chocolates. You are going to get Prachi, Akshay adds, asking him to grin. Everyone will now have sweets, adds Ashok. Ashok, claims Vishaka.

Akshay is consuming candy. It is too sweet, adds Ranbir, who also says, “Don’t act; I know what’s in your heart. Why are you acting sweet?” Akshay gives him a beautiful grin and walks away.

Khushi claims that won’t occur. Mihika assures Khushi that they will transport her far from this place. Mihika says, “I love you so much and I’ll see you soon.” Khushi says it’s not far from their residence. She dabs away her tears. Mihika asks, “Who will wipe my tears if you’re not here?” Khushi assures her that she is here to support her and that she would wipe her own tears when she is not. She begs her to rejoice at her parents’ marriage. Mihika begs her to walk outside and declare that she wants her Papa to marry her instead of them being married. If she does this, she promises to give her clothing, bracelets, and other accessories. Khushi is bewildered.

As he enters the kitchen, Ranbir asks Prachi to identify his motivation. I suppose you need tea, says Prachi. Ranbir says I have a special permission now, so I may spend time with you alone. He is asked to depart from there by Prachi. You look wonderful with this jewellery, says Ranbir. She claims that she wore no jewellery. He remarks, “This shy ornament,” and asks her to check what she is wearing. Feeling shy, Prachi tells him to go, or else she will follow. He shares his dream with her, telling her that in the dream she was going to kiss him. Prachi informs me that Akshay has given me full custody and says he did something I never would have imagined. According to Ranbir, Akshay is trying to impress you. Prachi encourages Ranbir to thank Akshay, saying you can’t dispute that he’s a wonderful buddy. Khushi is our daughter, according to Ranbir, and she wants to remain with us. He also claims that after I rescued her, she called me “super papa.” Prachi queries, Are you envious? Why would I be jealous, asks Ranbir? When Akshay hears them fighting, he grins. After that, Vishaka arrives and takes him away. Prachi begs him not to feel bad if he doesn’t want to be there for Khushi and compliments Akshay, adding that he has always been there for her. Vishaka informs Akshay that Prachi told him you’re wonderful and praised you. According to Akshay, she was debating Ranbir on my behalf. Vishaka nods and chuckles. According to Akshay, when Ranbir entered my life, I had the same level of jealousy. He claims that jealousy destroys everything and that Ranbir is jealous this time, which would cause everything to catch fire. He claims that my plot is to blame for this. He praises her for her support and states that your guidance is the reason this is occurring. I consider you to be my first son, Vishaka continues, and I will do whatever it takes to make Prachi yours. Akshay begs her to watch how her son would triumph, saying that even he will stop at nothing to win Prachi. Yes, says Vishaka. Akshay grinning. For the picture, Ashok, Manpreet, Pallavi, and Vikram strike a posture.

Ranbir goes looking for Akshay. Dida wonder where the nice person had gone? Who did Dida ask? “Akshay,” he says. Dida claims you’re envious. No, says Ranbir. Pallavi queries your reason for burning. According to Vikram, she is unhappy. Ranbir claims that’s not how it is. Dida said that she believes Prachi offended Akshay by making a positive comment about him. Pallavi claims that he has Prachi under control at this point. Prachi is fortunate to have it, according to Manpreet. Prachi delivers tea to Ashok, Vikram, and other people. She comes with Mihika and informs Manpreet that she offered tea to Bua ji. Manpreet claims she didn’t attend. Pallavi claims that Mihika was unable to achieve her goals. Manpreet promises that she will gradually grasp.

Prachi visits Ranbir and offers him a cup of tea. What happened, she wonders? Ranbir asks, “You say everything is fine, so why don’t you understand?” Prachi claims that Akshay has a kind heart and is aware of their strong friendship. When did he misinterpret that you two are in love, says Ranbir? Prachi claims that since everyone used to refer to us as husband and wife,Ranbir claims that while Akshay believed he would make you fall in love, I intervened. Prachi apologises. She promises to go. She is stopped by Ranbir, who offers a sugar-free swig of tea. Prachi tries it and declares it to be tasty. After asking her to perform, Ranbir drinks.

Precap: Ranbir informs everyone that the marriage mahurat would take place the day after tomorrow, according to Pandit ji. Mihika queries Akshay about his thoughts on Prachi being pregnant with Ranbir’s kid once again. What does that youngster call you, Mama? she asks. Khushi is asked by Akshay to swear to him that she would adore him even more than Ranbir. He’s promised by Khushi. Akshay observes.

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