kumkum bhagya serial written update : 9th February 2024

Kumkum Bhagya 14th February 2024 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 14th February 2024 Written Episode Update

kumkum bhagya serial written update : 9th February 2024
kumkum bhagya serial written update : 9th February 2024

Purvi questions Monisha’s identity at the beginning of the episode. She claims to be Monisha’s co-wife. Monisha claims to be kidding. Monisha said that all she wanted to see was her look of astonishment. From there, RV departs. RV is called by Monisha. Deepika is asked to let RV go by Harleen, who adds that they may contact RV later. Deepika concurs.

When Monisha visits RV, she remarks to him on how poor his sense of style is in terms of appearance. RV asks Monisha why, despite telling her the truth, she is still upset. RV is informed by Monisha that he just got married, which is a big deal, and she would need some time to get used to it. RV concurs. Purvi, according to Monisha, is a sign of purity and is similar to the hue white. Monisha cautions RV not to be duped by Purvi.

Yug tells Dadaji that this is the first time he has ever seen something like it in person and he is thrilled about it. Monisha arrives and inquires about the conclusion of the Mu Dikhai rite. Hermal is reassured by Deepika, who assures she has everything under control.

What’s next, Monisha asks the visitors. A game of discovering rings is played. Monisha encourages Purvi to dance with her, suggesting that they celebrate in a different manner. According to Purvi, she won’t dance. When Monisha notices this, she invites Deepika to dance.

To a song, Monisha and Deepika dance. Following the dancing performance, Harleen suggests they begin the ring-finding game and asks Vaishali to set it up. Vaishali nods in agreement and departs.

When Prachi notices Diya weeping, she asks her whether Purvi is gone. Diya responds in the affirmative, telling Prachi how much she is missing Purvi.

Dadi emphasises the significance of the ring-finding ritual to each and every guest. The winner of this game, according to Dadi, will have the upper hand in the marriage.

The first round is played between RV and Purvi, and RV prevails. Men will now have the upper hand in marriages, Hermal and all of the Malhotra family’s gentlemen tell the women. Purvi and RV begin the next round. Purvi wins in the rematch.

Monisha discovers the ring and displays it to everyone because she believes that if Purvi wins the third round, Purvi would have the advantage in the marriage. When the visitor asks Monisha why she played the game, she responds that it is a husband and wife game. Monisha offers her thoughts. Monisha is reminded by Harleen that she is not RV’s sister-in-law, but rather her friend. Monisha claims that rather than becoming a sister-in-law, she wants to marry RV.

The episode is over.

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