kumkum bhagya serial written update : 9th February 2024

kumkum bhagya serial written update : 10th February 2024

kumkum bhagya serial written update : 10th February 2024

Written Episode of Kumkum Bhagya for February 9, 2024, available on TellyUpdates.com

At the beginning of the episode, RV tells Armaan that both success and failure are a part of business and that I have a lot to learn from you. You’ll also argue that it’s just business methods. Then he extends an invitation to Poorvi’s muh dikhayi. Armaan claims that because his wife was abducted the day before, he must go get her and stay with her. I’ll try to come, he adds, and leaves. RV believes Khushi worries about Poorvi because she believes I would treat her badly and that she will be stunned by whatever I end up doing to her.

Yug claims to be a kind man. RV stares, reflecting on the past. When Khushi calls Armaan, she feels that he never answers when she is in need. To rescue Poorvi, she considers going to RV’s house. Dadu requested to dance with Harman, who informs Harleen about this. Harleen is asked to explain her unhappiness to him. Harleen claims that because RV had brought her sister here, she didn’t want Khushi’s reflection to fall into this home.

Harman tells her that although it is unsettling, he will stand by his kid since not many wounds are handled in this manner, and he also begs her to have faith in him. As Harleen puts it, he’s been through a lot. Harman tells her to be content and think about RV. Harleen asks me why I am worrying about this so much as it’s just a question of one day and Poorvi won’t be around after tomorrow, so we won’t be able to see her face. Then he inquires about his older child. What should I do, Harleen asks, and what sort of sasural she has. Harman claims that we made a grave error.

Poorvi receives clothing from Deepika, who inquires as to if she is ready. Poorvi claims that her hair and makeup are ready. Deepika makes fun of her appearance and teases her, saying that just because RV is so attractive doesn’t mean she is unattractive. She requests that she get dressed and go. Poorvi becomes tense.

When the visitors arrive, Deepika witnesses Harman and others dancing. When someone calls her, she is taken aback. Harleen is asked to perform the song by the visitors. Harman exclaims that when he heard Harleen sing, he was completely won away. Harleen requests that they attend as it’s a ladies’ event. Dada ji and Harman said that because they have become dada sasur and sasur, they too have wants and aspirations to behold the muh dikhayi rasam. Others share their transformations as well.

Khushi is not in her room when Prachi arrives. Poorvi considers Harleen’s remarks while she gets dressed. When Prachi calls, she tells her that she looks amazing—like an angel. Poorvi becomes sentimental. What’s wrong, Prachi wonders? Poorvi expresses her lack of them. She is asked to allow herself some time by Prachi. Damini arrives there. Poorvi is sensitive, therefore Prachi advises her to show her love. Damini says we would shower her with affection. Poorvi hangs up. Damini requests that she interact with her new family and speak with her Mayka family less. When Poorvi feels uneasy, she phones RV. RV is asked to take the call by Yug. RV responds, “We’re heading home,” and declines to answer the phone, promising to speak to her later. He is a musician. Poorvi considers her next move. When Damini arrives, she motions for Poorvi to come downstairs. Poorvi invites her to attend. Saying, “You are the bahu of the house, today is your muh dikhayi,” Damini covers Poorvi’s head with her dupatta.

Even we would give her shagun, adds Dada ji. As Dadi notices Poorvi approaching, she remarks, “New bahu have come.” She says we are going to sing a song called Badhayi Ho Badhayi before we begin muh dikhayi. When Khushi arrives, she finds Poorvi waiting for muh dikhayi.

About the Author: Nazmul Hossain

আমি নাজমুল । আমি বাংলাদেশের রাজধানী শহর ঢাকা তে বসবাস করি। বর্তমানে আমি চাকরী করছি। আমার চাকরী পাশাপাশি আমি অনলাইনে লেখা লেখি করতে পছন্দ করি। বিশেষ করে টেকনোলোজি বিষয়ে লেখা লেখি করতে আমার ভাল লাগে। তাই আপনাদের জন্য আমি এই ওয়েবসাইট টি তৈরি করেছি। এখানে আপনি বাংলাদেশের অনালাইন সম্পর্কিত প্রায় সকল ধরনের তথ্য খুজে পাবেন। ধন্যবাদ।

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