Magisk 19.4 support Android All versions। magisk 18.1 zip

Magisk 19.4 support Android All versions। magisk 18.1 zip

Magisk 19.4 support Android All versions। magisk 18.1 zip.Download Latest Magisk ZIP, Magisk Manager APK and Magisk Uninstaller ZIP files

For Android smartphones, Magisk systemless root is available for download. The well-known Magisk moniker is probably familiar to Android fans. For those who are just learning about it, it is a systemless root application created by topjohnwu. Magisk’s primary objective is to provide a dependable root install combined with other features to improve every Android user’s experience. In the following sections, we will go into more detail about how Magisk provides a systemless root interface and why it is superior to previous methods. Direct links to download various versions of Magisk for your phone are also provided below.

Magisk was quite popular once Android Nougat came out because of its wider range of compatibility. The app was recently upgraded to operate with Android 13 and Android 14, as well as Android P, Android 10 / 11 / 12, and Android Oreo. Additionally, the developer actively and continually publishes fresh Magisk root versions to fix problems and provide support for new devices in response to feedback. In contrast to other root solutions, Magisk is designed to function on a variety of devices made by different manufacturers. You don’t have to wait for every new phone or brand to get a compatible Magisk release. The full list of functionality that Magisk will provide when it is installed on your Android smartphone is available below.

What is Magisk Systemless Root?

As we previously discussed, Magisk stands out primarily due to its systemless root method. In other words, after installation, Magisk doesn’t change the system partition. This offers many advantages, such as the fact that your device continues to pass several security tests and, in some situations, may get OTA packages.

Additionally, Magisk isn’t limited to the root directory; the same developer also develops and maintains Magisk Manager, a companion app. You can keep an eye on and add more changes with this app. Your Android device’s Manager software brings everything together and provides you with a full root experience.

Magisk Features:

The following is a brief summary of the characteristics that make Magisk the most popular rooting method for Android phones these days:

Open Source: Anyone with experience in programming may begin working on Magisk since it is a simple to construct and 100% open source project.

Magic Mount: This lets you change the system (or vendor) without really messing with the partitions. With Magisk, anything may be loaded systemically! Partitions may now be mounted with ease and you won’t have to worry about them corrupting as you work with them.

Magisk Superuser: Using MagiskSU (Magiks Superuser), which is based on CM Superuser and phh’s Superuser, you can root your device. Before Android Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean, superuser was the go-to method for rooting Android smartphones. Another open-source root option is MagiskSU.

Why use Magisk to Root Android?

Android users have had access to a variety of root utilities from the beginning. Unfortunately, most of these utilities were either device dependent or manufacturer dependent. However, after the launch of Magisk, that is not the case anymore. Magisk supports a wide variety of devices from multiple manufacturers and multiple variants. Further, across all of these devices, multiple users are rigorously testing the utility for any flaws or errors. This ensures highest level of reliability.

Utilizing the Magisk Manager app, you can also install Magisk Modules. Installing these modules lets you customize your phone at a very system level such as modifying system functions and themes. Again, these modules are proprietary to Magisk and can’t be implemented without Magisk root. The latest version of Magisk will also install the Magisk Manager.

One of the most popular uses of Magisk is to hide root on Android. If your phone is rooted, some apps may have problems running on your phone. Not just root, there are apps like payment apps that do not support any kind of bootloader unlock, root or any tampering with the OS files. This is why Magisk also lets you hide root easily to use these apps.

Download Magisk (All Versions)

Magisk v26.3Download
Magisk v26.2Download
Magisk v26.1Download
Magisk v26.0Download
Magisk v25.2Download
Magisk v25.1Download
Magisk v25.0Download
Magisk v24.3Download
Magisk v24.2Download
Magisk v24.1Download
Magisk v24.0Download
Magisk v23.0Download
Magisk v22.1Download
Magisk v22.0Download
Magisk v21.4Download
Magisk v21.3Download
Magisk v21.2Download
Magisk v21.1Download
Magisk v21.0Download
Magisk v20.4Download
Magisk v20.3Download
Magisk v20.2Download
Magisk v20.1Download
Magisk v20.0Download

Note: An APK file containing the root package is available. Before flashing it to your phone using Fastboot, it must first be renamed to a ZIP file.

This was a comprehensive guide on how to obtain both the most recent Magisk version and some of the well-known older ones. To sum up, Magisk is an effective tool that has advanced significantly since its first introduction. From being a basic root administration tool, it has developed into a comprehensive module system that can be used to improve and personalise Android devices’ capabilities.

Adding new features and enhancements with every version, Magisk has become a popular option for sophisticated Android users. Magisk is a flexible tool that enthusiasts should investigate, whether they want to install custom modifications, root their smartphone, or just improve their Android experience in general.

Magisk 19.4 brings Android 10

Originally designed as a systemless root technique, XDA Recognised Developer topjohnwu’s Magisk has developed over time into a much more versatile and potent tool than simply simple root. However, if you still need root, it’s likely that installing Magisk for root is mentioned in your device’s suggested root method. The most recent version of Magisk is called Magisk 19.4, and it includes support for product partitioning, Android 10 compatibility, and a fresh take on system-as-root.

Since the first Google Pixel, Magisk has supported system-as-root devices; nevertheless, there were potential difficulties with the implementation. As part of the new system-as-root approach, Magisk v19.4 will actually mount system to / (root). This is a significant change: the overlay system is now different, and /system is no longer a suitable mount point. Additionally, the root directory is now system rather than rootfs. With the modifications made, Magisk can now support Android 10 on A/B devices and have MagiskHide work flawlessly. It is now possible for module developers to appropriately edit files found in the product partition. A future version will support Android 10 devices that are A-only.

This Magisk update’s changelog is available here. It is also recommended that module and root developers peruse the release notes located here.

Download Magisk from XDA Forums

Update (September 2023): To reflect the current UI adjustments and choices, screenshots from the most recent Magisk version have been included to this post.

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