Written Episode Update: Bhagya Lakshmi 4th November 2023

Written Episode Update: Bhagya Lakshmi 4th November 2023

Written Episode Update: Bhagya Lakshmi 4th November 2023 Malishka vows to kill Lakshmi

As Malishka enters the room, she is nervous because she is recalling how she forced Lakshmi into the room after turning off the lights in the storage room, but even then, she was unable to overcome her. Malishka questions how Lakshmi, an ignorant girl, can overcome her. Malishka responds that she won’t be able to stop thinking about Lakshmi until she turns into a ghost in response to Kiran’s query about why she hasn’t stopped thinking about her. Malishka claims that this is a sign from Bhagwan for her because she attempted to kill Rishi but he is still alive and thus she can still get married to him because this is a sign for her. Kiran claims that she does not even feel like slapping her because she cannot understand the signs from Bhagwan who has his blessings over Lakshmi. Malishka claims that while Rishi expressed sensing his presence around him, it was for her. Malishka clarifies that Rishi would not be around her if he weren’t in her Bhagya, and she is certain that the two of them could still be a relationship. Kiran clarifies that Malishka must be here in order to be with Rishi since if Rishi had caught her, she would have been sent to prison. Malishka responds that in order to be near Rishi, she must murder Lakshmi. Sonal becomes enraged and asks what Malishka is saying. She responds that she is truly angry with Rishi, asking why he can’t think about her if he can think of Lakshmi.

When Aayush stops a woman and asks her if she has seen Lakshmi, she responds that she was fine a short while ago. Aayush leaves his car and goes to the local vendors, asking them if they have seen Lakshmi with a bandage around her head. He wonders if this is all in his head or if he really saw her. Shalu phones Aayush to ask whether he managed to catch the driver. as Aayush replies that he did, Bani inquires as to how they would get to Lakshmi Di. Aayush reveals that he felt as if he had spotted Lakshmi, but as he turned, the driver managed to flee, so Shalu and Bani cancel the conversation.

Malishka explains that she will undoubtedly marry Rishi, and in order to do so, she must kill Lakshmi. Kiran promises not to do anything of the sort, but Malishka becomes enraged and declares that she will kill Lakshmi. Kiran stops her, asking how she can explain it to Malishka, who responds that she shouldn’t even try because she loves Rishi and will make sure she gets married to him, but in order to do so, Lakshmi must die. Kiran threatens to end their relationship if she leaves the house, but Malishka affirms that she can accomplish this because that is what they even did when Rishi departed. Kiran sits down in despair, wondering how she can reason with Malishka.

When it gets dark, Rishi prays that he has had enough of this hide-and-seek and that he needs to find Lakshmi. Thinking that he has seen Lakshmi, he keeps asking her to move aside, but when he does, Lakshmi falls and the driver becomes enraged and asks if he is not seeing clearly. Rishi pushes them away, saying that he has seen Lakshmi, but they accuse him of picking fights. When Rishi falls, they beat him and tell him that he should find his own Lakshmi before trying to fight with them. They then leave, leaving Rishi sitting next to the car, praying that he should find Lakshmi.

While driving, Malishka wonders where she can look for Lakshmi because she said she would find her, but where will she look for her? Malishka believes Lakshmi always promises to be Rishi’s shield, but where is she when he needs her the most? She is certain there must be a reason for everything, and the weather fluctuates.

When Neelam approaches Virender and asks whether he was able to locate Rishi, Virender answers that he has returned but hasn’t been able to locate Rishi. When Neelam asks for Rishi, Virender responds that he had gone to the commissioner instead, saying that they are sending more force and that he went there to locate Lakshmi. Neelam wonders what kind of a parent he is since, despite knowing that Rishi is ill, he still went looking for her. How, however, can he be able to do that when he himself is ill? Virender calls Shalu and asks if she found out about Lakshmi; Shalu responds that she felt he would know. Virender mentions that if someone had kidnapped Lakshmi, it would have been for financial gain. Virender says that Lakshmi has been kidnapped. Neelam asks if the kidnappers called anyone for Lakshmi. Shalu tells Virender that Aayush informed her how the owner also managed to flee, and Virender urges her to phone him if she receives any calls. When Virender tells Karishma that the kidnappers have not contacted anybody, she wonders what has occurred. Neelam tells her that Lakshmi has not been taken, therefore Virender should concentrate on locating Rishi. If Lakshmi has gone, then he should just look for his son. Karishma exits without allowing Virender to respond, claiming that she is also attempting to emphasise that he should concentrate on her winning son since he has, quite honestly, shown Lakshmi much more affection than she deserves.

While searching for Lakshmi Bhabhi in his car, Aaysuh realises that it is getting dark and wonders what would have happened if she had eaten. Even the tempo owner fled, so if he had been able to catch him, he would have known who had attempted to harm his Bhabhi. Suddenly, Aayush notices something.

While standing, Sonal recalls that Malishka had stated that her mother could end their relationship if that was what she wanted. Seeing Kiran cry, Sonal goes to sit by her side and wonders what has happened, since she is also like her daughter. Kiran wonders what has happened because she had assumed that Malishka and Rishi would get married and live together, but she has started acting like a criminal, even though she knows that Malishka is hurt because Rishi married Lakshmi instead of her, but now she doesn’t even listen to her. Kiran says she feels as though she will lose her daughter very soon, and Sonal asks why she is talking in this manner.

The Inspector is on the radio, asking if the girl has been found. He is told that they are returning her to the hospital. Malishka interrupts him, saying she overheard him discuss the girl, so did they find her? The Inspector answers that they have and are taking her to the hospital where the formalities would be completed. He considers telling the girl’s family, but Malishka stops him, stating that she is Lakshmi’s friend and will inform everyone herself. She even asks if she can go with the Inspector so that Lakshmi won’t be alarmed seeing her. Malishka believes that Lakshmi has escaped every time, but this time she will undoubtedly take her own life permanently.

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