Written Episode Update: Katha Ankahee 2nd November 2023 Viaan meets Katha in the coffee shop

Written Episode Update: Katha Ankahee 2nd November 2023 Viaan meets Katha in the coffee shop

Written Episode Update: Katha Ankahee 2nd November 2023 Viaan meets Katha in the coffee shop

Parnav informs Katha that Viaan has inquired about her profile because he is searching for her. Katha responds that he should inform them that they are unable to provide the personal details because they are confidential. Parnav then asks how long they would take to deny the request, but Katha cuts him off by stating that she would be happy to meet with Viaan whenever she feels like it. After changing the address on the profile, Katha asks Parnav to send this address. Parnav responds that they need to see if Viaan travels to Bangalore, but Katha interrupts him, saying that she has moved on and that Raghav is a good man, but that everything would be destroyed if Viaan entered this life.

When Ahsan notices the profile while seated, he asks Viaan to come check out the location. After Viaan phones a friend in Bangalore to verify the address, Ahsan queries why he isn’t considering the possibility that Katha may not want to meet him. Vanya responds that they are unable to comprehend Viaan’s emotions as he becomes enraged and explains that he has been in prison for the last eight months. Viaan wants to know why she did not wait for him and move on. Viaan receives a call back from his contact, who clarifies that it must be a fake since the credentials do not match. When the woman who entered the contest tells Viaan that she works for the business that organises events, he phones the Single Meet to inquire about her. Viaan says he was simply checking the name because he has to send a present. When Ahsan shows Viaan where they walked to the café and explains that Liza received the passes, Viaan is puzzled and wonders why she changed the address.

When Raghav approaches Katha when they are seated together and hands her a journal, Parnav accepts it right away and asks Raghav to bring one for him as well. When another team member arrives, she remarks that Katha is very fortunate because Raghav is a very nice person. Raghav explains that he needs Katha’s signature on the paperwork for Aarav school camp and that he has something for Aarav that he will show her when she returns. Raghav then hands Parnav a bag containing the diaries for Parnav and his entire team. When Raghav asks Katha if she needs any assistance with the party, she replies that he may call whomever he wants to, so Parnav turns to Parnav and the other team member invites the two of them. Since Parnav keeps receiving calls, he departs and claims he will return. When Katha mentions that they are already sitting in a coffee shop, she asks Raghav to go and be with Aarav since he might be packing a lot of stuff. Raghav responds that he thought of helping her today. Katha asks what can he do. Raghav explains that he knows he will bring coffee for her during the breaks.

When Ahsan asks Parnav whether he works with Katha, he worries and asks if he is following them. Ahsan then tells Parnav that he should let Katha know that Viaan will be seeing her. Parnav runs to Katha and asks that she go to the toilet. Katha responds that she would deal with whatever transpired between them, to which Parnav responds that Katha was fleeing from the problem herself.

When Viaan unexpectedly runs across Raghav while out and about, they decide to meet. Viaan says Raghav may phone him, but Raghav responds he’s lost his contact. Viaan apologises to the youngster for whatever occurred. Viaan is then invited by Raghav to the celebratory party this evening.

When Ahsan phones Teji, he tells her that Viaan has located Katha and is going to visit her today. Teji becomes concerned and Ahsan tells her to let it happen because it’s in their best interests to do so. Ahsan also tells Vanya that they should let it happen.

Raghav accepts after Viaan tells him he doesn’t want to ruin their time together. Viaan says he has come to meet the woman who was in his life. Raghav asks Viaan if he can help, but Viaan declines. Raghav then asks Viaan to share the contacts and tells Viaan that whatever happens, whether it’s good or frustrating, he can come to him tonight at the party and forget about everything.

When Viaan walks into the coffee shop, he approaches Parnav and asks if the address is false. Parnav responds that he has sent the information that he is aware of, but Viaan interrupts him and tells him that he knows the address is false and even that Katha works for this event company. Parnav tries to deny him, but Viaan angrily tells him that he saw Katha at the singles meet and more importantly, that he has seen her eyes, so he knows she hasn’t moved on. Upon hearing the talk, Katha becomes emotional. With anger, Viaan demands to know where Katha is and that he may speak with her immediately. When Parnav nervously responds that he can’t tell her, Viaan assumes that Parnav understands this and inquires as to how many emotions he is toying with. Viaan becomes enraged, so he pushes Parnav, who tells him not to place too much emphasis on himself in his narrative. Katha then emerges from the corner and begs Viaan to let go of him. Walking to stand in front of Viaan, Katha tells him that their narrative has come to an end and he should go. When Viaan asks why she hasn’t seen him, Katha responds that she sent the wrong address because she didn’t want to meet him and their tale was over. Viaan counters that this is incorrect since Katha doesn’t die and the story doesn’t finish. When Viaan begs Katha to look into his eyes and tell the truth, she responds that she doesn’t want to. When Viaan breaks down in tears and tells her that she is leaving, Katha responds that she is lying. Viaan then asks why she is lying and she says that she is leaving. He mentions that they both loved each other so much during that brief period of time, but it was so meaningless that she moved on without much thought. When Viaan urges her that she should speak the truth so passionately, Katha responds, “Enough.” In response, Katha says that although he is free to live his life as he pleases, she has moved on and feels that he should too. She never wants to revisit those memories. Running, according to Viaan, does not equate to moving on. He claims he has loved her unconditionally and that she ought to respond, but Katha leaves. Viaan claims he has loved her and does not deserve this because he has already received his punishment. Parnav brings water for Viaan, who drinks it and then leaves.

As Viaan walks into the room, he thinks about Katha’s statement that she doesn’t want to start something fresh with him and that since their relationship is over, he should likewise go on with his life. Viaan queries why Katha is treating him in this way, thinking it is wrong, and hurries to fetch the pictures of their wedding celebrations. Viaan sits on his bed and looks at the pictures as he becomes agitated and says that Katha and even he will be damaged.

When the employee asks to see the menu for the event, Katha also comes inside. She promises to check into it, but is everything ready for Aarav?

Synopsis: Viaan informs Katha that they are both in the dark and in need of each other’s lights. When the employee delivers a card from Dr. Sehgal’s residence, Viaan is with Teji. When Katha approaches Viaan holding a candle, Raghav tells him it’s time for Viaan to meet his true love. The lights then go out.

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