Written Episode Update: Parineeti 2nd November 2023 Neeti decides to leave the house

Written Episode Update: Parineeti 2nd November 2023 Neeti decides to leave the house

Written Episode Update: Parineeti 2nd November 2023 Neeti decides to leave the house

Scene I
You betrayed Neeti’s heart and trust, according to Sukwinder. You’re attempting to kidnap her spouse. I take it you’re fasting? Why don’t you just leave this place, Salojna asks? It is in your and this family’s best interests. You claim to adore Neeti, correct? Proceed from here if you do. Sukwinder claims that you tricked her. Nothing will explain it, according to Salojna. Sukwinder advises packing just once. Don’t return with the intention of obtaining items. Tearful, Pari departs. She remembers every detail. Pari gets ready to go. I see her, Pami. Where are you going, she asks? Leaving the residence? I don’t want to injure anybody who is staying here, adds PAri. Pari feels hurt that I’m here. I know you’re similar to my mother. Gupreet isn’t alright, says Pami. It’s a coma. I refuse to allow you to go. You are my duty as well as my daughter. I’ll give Gurpreet to you once she recovers. I shall be content, at least. Do you think of me as your mum? she asks. Hugging her, Pari sobs. Upstairs, she leads her.

Gurinder, if you regard Neeti as your DIL, then why is Pari still living here, asks Sukwinder? As a MIL, it is your responsibility to eject her. It was not done by you. But I already had. What are you saying, Chandrika asks? Neeti says you can’t understand that. According to Sukwinder, I asked her to vacate this house. I asked Pami to stay, she says. She is my child. I am unable to let anyone leave me now. She turned to go. Nobody can make her leave my house.

The moon emerges. All wives do their husband’s arti. Neeti does Sanju’s arti. Pari looks at them. Pari sees Sanju’s face in the water and does arti with it. PAri falls from the terrace. Everyone is shocked. They all run downstairs. Sanju rushes downstairs. He makes her drink water. Pammi is happy that Sanju broke her fast. Pami says thank God her fast complete. Pami recall Pari was worried about her fast. She hide the food. Pami told her I knew you’re fasting. pari said no. She said don’t lie to me. Pari said don’t tell anyone please. It will hurt Neetii but I couldn’t stop myself. He’s still my husband. It was my duty. Pami says I feel so powerless. Pari said don’t tell anybody. Pami asks how did you fall? She claims I fainted but I am well now. Sanju takes her up. Pami says remain blessed. Pari expresses sorry. Pami says it’s alright. She says let’s go break our fasts. They go and proceed with the arti and pooja. Sanju breaks Neeti’s fast.

Scene 2

The visitors depart. Salojna says it went nicely. I enjoy this routine. Neeti asks whether any rituals remain. Pami declines. Neeti says, “Mummyji, I’m glad you’re here.” You’re like my mother; you’re my MIL. However, you did not attend my marriage to Sanju. There was only my mother. With all of you, I am deeply wounded. I know it won’t work to speak about the past. As everyone knows, Pari was going to leave her mother behind when she was attacked and went into a coma, leaving Pari behind. I’m sure you all adore Pari. I assumed that since so much had happened, she would move out of this house on her own, but she chose not to. Tai Ji stopped her and said her mother was in a coma when my mum asked her to go. Mom is not unconscious. She’s standing here. I’ve decided, and my mother and I are leaving this home. Everyone is taken aback. Neeti asks, “Mom, are you having any problems?” I’m constantly with you, she says. What are you saying, Pari asks. You are here to stay. I suggest you shut, Neeti. After a whole day, I expected you to depart this house, but you didn’t. You weren’t asked to leave. Listen, said Pami. Neeti concludes. I will never, ever be able to share a roof with Pari.

Precap: Sukwinder asserts that Neeti is correct. I’m not allowed to ask her to give Pari her spouse. You won’t go anyplace, says Sanju. I am going.

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