Written Episode Update: Pandya Store 4th November 2023 Natasha gets badly framed

Written Episode Update: Pandya Store 4th November 2023 Natasha gets badly framed

Written Episode Update: Pandya Store 4th November 2023 Natasha gets badly framed

Amrish appears to be in a good mood at the beginning of the episode, asking Natasha why she took such a strong stance against him. Natasha talks herself out. Inspector: You must be taken into custody. Natasha’s arrest occurs. Amba sobs as she claims, “My bahu has destroyed my family’s respect.” Hurrying away, she begs Natasha. She screams take everything you want, but spare my kids, Amrish has endured a lot in life, he guards his family, why are you damaging our reputation, he has done a lot for us, can’t you see his sacrifice, you can’t find a brother and son like him.

Natasha says believe me, I didn’t do anything, this girl is lying, I can never do this with Golu. She requests Dhawal’s trust. Each thief, according to the inspector, disputes the theft. Amrish says stop, Natasha won’t go to the jail. Inspector says she has kidnapped your son, she will go to jail. He says she is our bahu, how can you arrest her, what if Golu is my son, she is also the bahu, I have raised Dhawal as my son, Natasha is my son’s fav Chachi, she will not go to jail, even if she kills me. Dhawal grinning. Amrish says she is Dhawal’s wife. He acts great. He apologizes to the inspector. Doctor treats Esha and asks why is she taking police’s name. Chiku lays. Doctor goes. Chiku says how shall I inform her family. He checks her bag. She becomes aware. Natasha says I didn’t do anything, I don’t like the house rules, I don’t like your actions, but I swear I didn’t kidnap Golu, I don’t know why this girl is framing me, she has no proof against me.

She asks the girl to identify the source of her evidence. The girl adds, Alright, hold on, I have a proof. She displays the phone log. She deceives them. Dhawal checks the phone. Dolly wonders did Natasha make the call. Chirag says I don’t comprehend. Dhawal calls on Natasha’s phone. Natasha’s phone rings. Hetal and everyone become stunned. Hetal scolds Natasha. Amrish grins. The female says enough, you can ask Natasha later, give me my money, please.

Natasha scolds her. Amrish says set them free, I m sorry from Natasha’s side, is not Natasha’s error. Inspector: All right, I’m only warning her; I won’t spare her the next time. Natasha claims that I did not act. Dhawal reprimands her. Amrish remembers persuading the girl to perform a skit and bribing her. Hetal is asked to visit Natasha’s reality by Amba. As you can see from what she did with Golu, anything might have happened to him, she adds, therefore I urged you to avoid her. Natasha claims, “I did nothing, that girl was lying.” Dhawal becomes enraged and yells, “You kidnapped Golu so Hetal could follow her passion. Tell me about your issue with Amrish.” Amrish observes.


Natasha says, “You’re getting a Pandya store, so I’ll work for Suman right now.” Amrish claims that “my last decision is that our house Bahus’ don’t do a job.”

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