Written Episode Update: Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 4th November 2023 Ishan Learns Savi’s Truth

Written Episode Update: Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 4th November 2023 Ishan Learns Savi’s Truth

Written Episode Update: Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 4th November 2023 Ishan Learns Savi’s Truth

In pursuit of Savi, Ishan arrives in a ghostly home. He finds the door locked and uses a wall leap to get into the residence. He taps on the door, but no one answers. He repeats Hanuman Chalisa when he sees a shadow coming from a window out of fear. He attempts to escape after slipping and falling over a bag since he believes Savi can’t be here. He is startled by the sight of a corpse protruding from a bag and blood on his palm. Rupa asks him what’s going on as she approaches him with a knife. Ishan becomes alarmed, believing her to be a ghost. Rupa wonders who he is. Claiming to be Ishan Bhosale, the director of the Bhosale Institute, he is come to find her pupil Savi. Rupa accepts her. If Savi murdered him, where is he now, Ishan wonders. Rupa queries what garbage. Ishan claims to have seen a corpse in the garden. Rupa smiles and introduces herself as Rupa Romanchika, an author. Ishan queries her about her fame as a mystery novelist, Rupa Romanchika. Rupa replies yes, and she wrote a mystery book using method acting.

She shows him that the deceased corpse is a fake and that Savi is an assistant writer for her in the garden. Ishan queries Savi’s whereabouts. Rupa says he may contact her to find out why she departed early after finishing her duties. Ishan claims that no one can contact her phone. Rupa discloses that Savi would be working for her until Saturday and that she will get 50,000 rupees, which she will use to pay off her sister’s rent. She goes on to say that Savi is just eating biscuits since he doesn’t have enough money for meals. She asks him not to stop Savi from doing all of this since she thinks Savi is a lovely person. Ishan asks her to give him the first autographed copy of her next work, as promised. Once she accepts, he walks away.

Ishan gives the proprietor of the canteen a call to find out whether Savi is there. After informing her about her overdue dues, the owner states she is not going to the canteen. He promises to settle Savi’s debts if he brings breakfast to her room today, as requested by Ishan. When Shantanu notices overflowing water while he is gardening, he notices it and notifies him. Ishan has him take a seat on a bench and tells him he wants his help choosing a present. When Shantanu sees him ask for his assistance for the first time, he becomes emotional. Ishan declares that he wishes to purchase gifts for his top pupils. Shantanu calls on every pupil. Savi says Ishan. Shantanu offers that because she enjoys reading, he give her a book. Ishan chuckles.

Savi decides she would eat a good breakfast instead of biscuits today as she is hungry.

The proprietor of the canteen offers her favourite meal and expresses regret that she stopped going after he reminded her of her past dues. Savi claims she was preoccupied with planning the college’s cultural celebration. The proprietor of the canteen urges her not to lie. Savi promises to pay the bill for today. Owner claims that someone has already made her payment. Savi queries who. Recalling Ishan’s plea, he replies, “I’m not sure.” Resuming her meal, she declares she will first discover who has paid her dues. The owner advises her not to offend food and that she can locate the individual later.

Ishan pays Harini a visit and extends an invitation to attend Savi’s birthday surprise. Her phone rings, and Savi asks whether she paid her canteen dues. Saying no, Harini turns to face Ishan. Ishan gestures for her to keep his presence from Savi a secret. Savi begins disparaging Ishan, calling him a “chidkiya” who often gets into arguments with her and ought to be the committee’s president, among other things. Harini stiffens up. Savi is adamant about showing her residence and asks if anybody is around. Shan conceals. After displaying her home, Harini ends the conversation. Ishan queries Harini on Savi’s preferred cake. I suggest red velvet cake to Harini. She is asked to assist Ishan in choosing a present for Savi. According to Harini, Savi only takes presents from Ishan Madam and her close friends.

The next day, Ishan instructs the class that rather of studying, they will play a game and determine what word comes to mind for a certain individual. He inquires about Preeti’s opinions about Durva. Arrogant, says Preeti. He queries Durva about Kabir. Although Durva claims to know everything, he is really ignorant. He inquires about Savi’s opinion of him. He seems conceited, obnoxious, and chidkiya to her. Se, according to Ishan, is smug, obnoxious, and chidkiya. Savi stiffens and wonders whether she said something out loud.

Recap: Savi’s surprise birthday party is being invited by Ishan to Isha. Isha promises to arrive on schedule. Ishan leaves a note for Savi on his present. Surekha reads it firmly.

About the Author: Nazmul Hossain

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